How To Become A Barber In Ontario? (2023)

So you just made up your mind to take up the barbing profession, several lovely things come from the job, talk about the flexible hours, ability to be creative, and interact with your customers. Probably you love the idea of helping people style their hair and bringing out a perfect look for them. Maybe you are looking forward to opening your barbing saloon in Ontario and giving it a prestigious name.

To become a barber in Ontario some necessary requirements are needed, these prerequisites are a diploma from high school, a state barber’s certification, apprenticeship under a certified barber, registering of your apprenticeship, deep knowledge of hairstyles in vogue and trend, competence to adhere to instructions, being able to stand for a long period without feeling weak, sound skills in communicating with the customer, having a good customer service.

To achieve this, it’s necessary to take note of what the barbing profession is all about, the basic requirements needed, how to obtain an Ontario barber’s certification, the cost required to learn the trade, and lots more.

You must obtain information from reliable sources that will guide you on how to properly start up your own barbing business in Ontario.

How To Become A Barber In Ontario?

The first step to becoming a licensed barber in Ontario is by first signing up with a registered school and then completing the course, with the school teaching for a minimum of 1500 hours and offering both hairstyling and barbing courses. If you want to enroll in a barbing school, select the one that is listed by the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.

After graduating from the barbing school the next step is to get employed as an apprentice which is mostly referred to as being a junior barber; however, make sure that you carry out your apprenticeship under a licensed barber. You will need to register your apprenticeship into the record at any apprenticeship office that’s closer to you.

After registering for your apprenticeship you’re expected to start working immediately at your newly found job under the guidance of your sponsor. The expected hours to use for the apprenticeship is 2000 work hours if you’re working for the standard full number of hours, that is 40hours a week, an estimation of the total time spent for the apprenticeship would be about a year.

After you might have presented proof indicating your high school diploma of about 1500 hours and 2000hours of your apprenticeship, the next step is to go for a test known as Qualifications Assessment Examination. To become a certified barber you must score nothing less than 70% in the examination. The test costs $100 and if after sitting for the third time you fail, you will be required to show evidence of educational upgrade before you can be eligible to retake the examination.

Take note, a stand-alone Ontario barber diploma does not exist the same goes for an Ontario barber license. Furthermore, if a program exists that does not take place in a private career college and requires an expense of more than $2000 and also requires a time of more than 20 hours, then it means such program is being handled illegally following the Private Career Colleges and Ministry of Train Colleges and Universities. These bodies help to oversee hair professionals like barbers and hairstylists in Ontario.

Even though a barber diploma program or barber License doesn’t stand alone, this doesn’t mean that a certification is not needed to become a barber in Ontario. If you’re interested in opening a barbershop in Ontario you would certainly want to run your business without hassle from the government.

That’s why it’s mandatory to have all the necessary documentation required by the government before delving into the barbing profession. Your shop is closed down due to lack of necessary documentation is the last thing you’d wish for as you venture into the art of barbing.

Do I Need A License To Become A Barber In Ontario?

According to the Ontario Apprenticeship and Certification Act, it states that every professional person that is engaged in a restricted skill, for instance, barbers, is expected to have a Certificate of qualification.

How Much Does A Barber Earn In Ontario?

An estimate of the pay that barbers earn per year in Ontario is about $42,473 while for an hour they earn about $20. Talking about the salary range, it is usually between $32,449 and $50,726. Normally, the peak level of education for a barber is obtaining a degree from high school.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Barber In Ontario?

Enroll and complete an approved diploma program that is a minimum 1500 hours and teaches both hairstyling and barbering at a college that is registered under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005. Once complete, these 1500 hours will go towards your 3500 training hours required to complete

Are Barbers In High Demand In Ontario?

In the next four years, there has been a prospect that employment opportunities in Ontario will be favorable for both barbers and hairstylists. Factors that played a significant part in this outlook include:

  • An increase in the rate of employment will lead to an increase in the number of new posts.
  • A large number of the posts won’t be available as a result of retirement.


Duties Of A Barber In Ontario

  • A barber has to welcome in the customers and make enquires on the hairstyles of their choice.
  • Cutting and shaping hair following the demands of the customer.
  • Making designs to the hair through the use of styling tools and other items.
  • They help in cutting off, trimming the edges, and giving shapes to the beards and mustaches of their customers.
  • They help in washing and applying treatment to the hair of customers.
  • They help in dyeing the hair of clients into different colors.
  • Make sure that the tools and equipment used such as clippers, razor, brush, comb, and all others are properly sanitized before and after use.
  • They help to be in charge of younger barbers who come in for apprenticeships.
  • Provide massage of the scalp, face, and neck to customers.
  • Help customers to select befitting hairstyles.

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