How To Become A Car Salesman In Ontario (2023)

Have you ever experienced, firsthand, how a car salesperson weaves words and creates “magic” with their glamorous but persuasive words? It feels like you are being coaxed into getting that automobile that is a great deal. Well, that is the enchanting world of salesmanship.

To become a car salesman in Ontario, you need to have an Ontarian high school diploma or an equivalent certification, gain sales work experience, get apprenticeship training and have valid work certification.

A car salesperson plays a crucial role in the automotive industry by helping customers choose the right automobile according to their budget and needs. This role also expands into the overall profitability of a car dealership company.

The car dealership industry has a lot of job opportunities, growth potential, huge profit turnover, and possibilities for expansion.

How To Become A Car Salesman In Ontario

Every career requires some level of education, working knowledge, or information, which also applies to the automobile industry.

To prepare for your career journey in sales, take economic-related courses in high school, and earn your diploma.

While a background in sales is not always required in the hiring process, it will help you a great deal if you can acquire some work experience. Obtain the required communication skills by getting a part-time job involving customer sales and service so as to get comfortable with meeting new people in a professional environment.

Take post-high school courses in economics and business foundations to develop a basic understanding of sales and marketing.

Regardless of your sales background as a car salesman, most hiring dealerships require completing a training program.

The program usually covers the nuances of the dealership’s business culture, operating procedures, working systems, customer sales, dealership service techniques, negotiation strategies, and knowledge of general automobile features.

After the recommended training, you will need to work closely with a seasoned salesperson and gain useful skills and job details within a stipulated period.

Many automobile companies will sponsor staff training and workshops through registered professional organizations and listen to the training needs outside the pre-arranged staff training.

How Much Can I Make As a Car Salesman In Ontario?

Typically, a new car salesman or saleswoman in Ontario will make about $2,000 per month (which is low compared to the starting wages in order niches).

The general pay structure is based almost entirely on commission and bonuses. On average, car salespersons receive a commission of about 25% of the gross profit made on the sale of an automobile.

A bonus structure is set up to reward employees with the highest sales. Each top performer who sells over 20 vehicles per month will make between $12,000 and $15,000 per month (including bonuses).

After a few years working in sales, you can be sure of a steady income stream.

What Skills Do I Need As a Car Salesman?

As a car salesman, you will have to deal with difficult customers, which may be stressful, so you need to be persuasive and charismatic – drown out the fire before it starts to spread.

Most of your charisma and problem-solving skills will help you when you have to work under pressure and when clients breathe down your neck and go ballistic when they have car issues that need to be solved. Your love for car sales will also help you bear with working late and on weekends.

You need the concept of relentless work, especially as a new or inexperienced car salesman when your paycheck is irregular – everything will be screaming at you to quit.

Being a good listener and excellent speaker is one of the core skills that will help you easily land customers.

Paying attention to details will help you out of tight and crampy spots. Imagine forgetting about the color specification your client wants and trying to close a deal on the wrong color. That will turn any potential customer out the door.

In the sales profession, time management is key. Strive to strike a balance between investing too much time in a potential buyer who is not ready to make a purchase and giving the right amount of time to a customer who is ready to make a purchase.

Mathematics. Yes, knowledge of the dreaded subject is required in the sales world. To be the perfect car salesman, you need to know your numbers, make quick calculations, give timely updates, and make on-the-spot sales analyses. Having a firm grasp of math not only makes you look like a professional but cool.

Some basic computer skills will come in handy, especially when you need to fill reports, assemble sales plans, conduct business analysis, calculate and compile sales, and cross-check car information.

So keep a positive mindset, get the right workspace environment, do your homework on the features of the latest and “raddest” automobiles your clients will love while you get to close a deal.


What Are The Benefits Of Working As a Car Salesman?

The world of automobile sales comes with a lot of thrilling experiences. First of all, as a car salesman working in Ontario, you do not need a university degree to match a car with its owner; some of the skills you’ll pick up during the sales process cannot be learned in a classroom, nor can you unlearn them.

Secondly, you will receive a car to test-drive every few months and generous staff price reductions. You are also entitled to great dealership benefits plans.

Thirdly, you get to determine your income, as you don’t have to be a genius or psychic in the sales department. It would be best if you had strong marketing skills and strong interpersonal relations with clients.

You get to dress fancy to work – who doesn’t love a nice-looking suit on their person? You will also get to talk about your passion with like-minded people all day, about the latest cars, auctions, sales, and events.

It is a job that leaves you fulfilled; the feeling you get from connecting a customer with the right automobile is highly rewarding.

You also get to rub minds with many people with different personalities.

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