How To Become A Lactation Consultant In Ontario? (2023)

The job of a lactation consultant is to assist parents and infants with sore nipples, milk supply, breastfeeding problems. A lactation consultant is an approved health expert who particularizes in breastfeeding-related issues. Their work is to provide services in private or public hospitals and other birthing centers

To become a lactation consultant in Ontario, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree program in health sciences, public health, or nursing. A lactation consultant is a fast-paying profession that requires some process such as obtaining a high school degree, taking several courses such as biology, chemistry, physiology, etc.

The job of a lactation consultant in Ontario is to render full support and assistance to mother and infant breastfeeding. The tasks involve planning, interfering, assessing, evaluating lactation support, and sensitizing clients. They provide assistance to women during the postpartum period in a healthy and friendly environment.

The work of a lactation consultant in Ontario is to provide professional advice and health information to their clients. They inculcate a safe breastfeeding position and assist their clients to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Lactation consultant in Ontario provides breastfeeding support to newborn babies.

How to become a lactation consultant in Ontario?

The necessary requirements needed to become a lactation consultant in Ontario contain some systematic steps starting from a high school certificate holder to a certified lactation consultant. The following are the systematic steps to becoming a lactation consultant in Ontario.

1. Graduate and obtain a high school degree

To become a lactation consultant in Ontario requires a high school diploma, learning courses like physiology, chemistry, biology, and other health sciences-related courses. This will enable you to prepare well for your lactation consultant career and also assist you to proceed to the next step.

2. Finish necessary or prerequisite courses

This step depends on how you are pursuing your career. Those aiming for a high school diploma or certification in lactation consultant are expected to learn more lactation-related academic courses stipulated by the international board of lactation consultant examiners (IBLCE). These courses include nutrition, communication, biology, etc.

3. Attend an accredited program

This step explicit more on those aiming for a certificate in lactation consultancy. They are implored to enroll in programs endorsed by organizations such as CAAHEP or any other accredited school approved in Ontario.

4. Participate in the IBLCE examination

All participants willing to partake in the IBLCE examination must finish a minimum of 90 hours of general education and lactation education. Although the International board of lactation consultant examiners(IBLCE) does not enforce any educational programs in lactation but endorse picking a course that relates to all topics that show on the certification examination.

5. Pass the international board of certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) examination

This exam takes place a few times a year and the expected courses and the required conditions must be attained to make you eligible and qualified to participate in the examination. Candidates are expected to make necessary preparation before the commencement of the examination.

Those willing to become lactation consultants are expected to pass the exam to obtain their license.

Requirements to be a lactation consultant in Ontario

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, nursing, etc.
  • Must complete prerequisite courses
  • Must have a degree in lactation consultancy
  • Must pass the examination set by (IBLCE)

Functions of a lactation consultant in Ontario

There are essential functions performed by a lactation consultant in Ontario, below are some functions

1. Provision of support

This is the primary role of lactation consultants in Ontario. They are responsible for providing the utmost care and support to breastfeeding mothers and infants. Most crucially, they focus and specialize on the issues that mothers encounter while breastfeeding their babies such as sore nipples, lack of milk supply, breastfeeding position, etc

A lactation consultant in Ontario assists their patients on daily basis on matters related to breastfeeding. They facilitate support for breastfeeding at women’s health centers with the aid of CPSP services. They also stimulate the effort to support newborn babies in terms of breastfeeding.

2. Promotion of breastfeeding

Lactation consultants in Ontario promote easy breastfeeding to help mothers to reach their breastfeeding aims. Lactation in Ontario assists mothers to reduce pains or difficulties in breastfeeding.

They attend to their clients, listen to their complaints, and provide accurate solutions to ease their discomfort. Through these means, breastfeeding is promoted among mothers.

3. Coordination of the clinic activities

Lactation consultants in Ontario are involved in planning the clinic schedules, control and coordinating health supervisors to provide full support for breastfeeding mothers and infants.

They plan and adjust the clinic schedules to be more favorable to the mothers and infants. Lactation consultants in Ontario oversee and take charge of all matters relating to breastfeeding.

4. Usage of educational materials

Lactation makes use of reviews, new online updates on breastfeeding, and assess educational books or materials to improve or increase their understanding. They learn more on how to provide support for breastfeeding mothers and infants through new inventory, ideas, and methods. This method enables lactation consultants in Ontario to acquire more knowledge.

Lactation consultants in Ontario document or record clients’ improvement, changes, and progress by following the standard of the job or place of work. This enables lactation consultants to discover the methods to apply and how to provide more assistance to the clients.

5. Educate and maintain professional growth

As a professional, lactation consultant renders advice, educate their clients through the use of educational techniques and they pay attention to their complaints. Lactation consultants in Ontario take part in a prenatal education program to enhance support for breastfeeding. They facilitate professional growth by offering the best services to their clients.

How much does it cost to become a lactation consultant in Ontario?

To become a lactation consultant in Ontario requires the payment of some fees such as course fees, certification manual, mentor fees, etc

How to long to become a lactation consultant in Ontario?

If you are longing to become a lactation consultant in Ontario, you must know and follow the steps and requirements needed to achieve your lactation consultancy career

How much do lactation consultants make in Ontario?

In Ontario, lactation consultants make an average salary of $5,103 per month. In a year, a lactation consultant in Ontario make an average salary of $72,082


Are lactation consultants in demand in Ontario?

Lactation consultants are in demand in Ontario to fill the available spaces in private hospitals, public hospitals, clinic centers, and other birthing centers. Job opportunities are widely available for lactation consultants in Ontario.

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