How To Become A Pilot In Ontario? (2023)

A pilot is a person in the aviation industry, who is licensed to operate aircraft in order to transport passengers or goods from one location to another. They are usually employed by commercial airlines, corporations, or government agencies. In some cases, however, pilots can be self-employed or work for an individual privately to provide flying services in small aircraft or private jets.

To become a pilot in the province of Ontario, you will need to meet certain requirements which include, completion of 1000 hours of fixed-wing flying time, having at least a High School Diploma degree, passing the Ontario and Air Canada medical and visual acuity requirements, have a Canadian pilot license and be either a citizen of a certified immigrant of Canada.

Some responsibilities of a pilot include conducting different pre-flight inspections on the aircraft’s operating systems, establishing and updating flight plans, and ensuring safe takeoffs and landings. You must be a certified commercial airline pilot with a minimum of 1000 hours of flight time to be considered o fly commercially in the province of Ontario.

Some of the functions/responsibilities of a pilot includes;

  • Create a flight plan, considering aircraft performance, altitude, and weather conditions.
  • Check the aircraft before every flight (engines, radars, navigation systems, etc)
  • Ensure cargo weight doesn’t exceed aircraft limits
  • Communicate with air traffic control to ensure safe takeoff and landing
  • Ensure the aircraft has adequate fuel supplies
  • Monitor cockpit instruments like altimeters and speed indicators and report any malfunction
  • Check the airplane’s position, weather conditions, and air traffic regularly during the flight
  • Fill out reports about the flight and the status of the aircraft after landing.

How to Become a Pilot in Ontario?

Becoming a Pilot in Ontario requires you to have some level of educational qualifications as it requires at least a high school diploma to have a chance of having a license in Ontario. Becoming a pilot requires a lot of skill and it usually takes about a minimum of 1000 hours of flight time to be able to get a license.

Here are the steps that need to be taken to become a pilot in the province of Ontario;


To become a licensed pilot in Ontario, you need to complete your secondary school and earn your high school diploma before heading to a certified flight/aviation school which will take up to four years to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to fly a plane which will result in you earning your bachelor of science in professional flight degree.

Flight Time

To become a licensed pilot in the province of Ontario, you to complete a minimum of 1000 hours of fixed-wing flying time. This is your first exposure to flying and it will be completed in whatever flight school you choose to attend.


To be enabled to fly planes in the province of Ontario, you must either be a citizen of Canada or a legitimate immigrant of Canada. This is to try to bridge the gap in Canadian trained pilots as there have been a decline in recent years.


The minimum age to become a licensed pilot in Ontario is 18 years and the retirement age for pilots in Ontario is 65 years. You can get a license before the age of 18 but it will be under a special student license which can be issued from age 14 onwards.

Visual Requirements

In order to obtain a license to fly as a pilot in Ontario, Federal Aviation Regulations require that a pilot’s distant vision be 20/20 or better with or without correction, in each eye separately to hold a first- or second-class medical certificate. This is one of the most important requirements as a pilot’s vision has to be at an optimum level.

Pilot License

Getting the Canadian Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is the last step in becoming a certified pilot in Ontario. You must sit and complete the Canada Pilot license exam which will enable you to get the Canadian Pilot License (CPL).

Requirements to Become a Pilot in Ontario?

The following are the minimum requirements required to become a pilot in the province of Ontario;

  • You must be between the ages of 18 to 65 years old. With 65 years representing the retirement age of pilots in Ontario
  • You must have a high school diploma degree as well as a degree of professional flight from aviation/flight school which usually take 3 to 4 years.
  • You must have had a minimum of 1000 hours of fixed-winged flying time under supervision amongst other flying routines
  • You must be a citizen of immigrant of Canada
  • You must possess a 20/20 vision or better in each eye without correction to be enabled to hold a first- or second-class medical certificate in other to get a Canada pilot license
  • You must sit for and complete the Canada Pilot License Exam (CPL)

How Much do Pilots Make in Ontario?

A commercial airline pilot in Ontario makes $40 per hour and $78,809 a year in the province of Ontario average. The salary range between low and high-earning pilots in Ontario is $55,448 to $107,703 per annum. Private pilots earn a little bit more in Ontario with their services being touted at $67 per hour and $138,000 a year average and entry-level private pilots can earn up to $96,448 per year while the more experienced pilots earn up to $172,000 per year.


Are Pilots in Demand in Ontario?

There is a huge shortage of pilots in Ontario as most of the available pilots are heading towards retirement. So yes, there is a big demand for pilots in the province of Ontario. The aviation sector feels the province is in need of about 27,000 new pilots before the end of the year to be able to meet the demand for Canadian-trained pilots. Most commercial airlines have reduced the number of operating aircraft between 2020 and now due to a shortage of available pilots to fly them. So this is a good time to apply for a Canadian Pilot License as there is a huge demand for Pilots in Ontario?

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