How To Become A Teacher In Ontario? (2023)

The job of a teacher is to make an orderly arrangement of lesson plans and dish out education-related information to students. Their responsibilities include giving out comprehensive homework, preparing tests and examinations, taking records of students’ progress.

To become a certified teacher in Ontario, such a person must have finished a postsecondary degree which spans three years, and this must be from an authorized institution. The person is also expected to enroll in a teacher education program and complete it successfully. Making an appeal and paying a yearly membership fee to the Ontario College of Teachers for certification is another basic prerequisite in becoming a teacher in Ontario.

How To Become A Teacher In Ontario

To be eligible as a teacher in Ontario such a person must have earned certification by the Ontario College of Teachers. When one becomes a certified teacher, such person is expected to pay a membership fee yearly to preserve their membership and documentation. To become a certified teacher in Ontario, some requirements are:

  • Completion of a postsecondary degree that spans three years, most importantly it must be from a certified post-secondary institute.
  • Enroll in a teacher education program and finish the program successfully.
  • Request the college for certification and pay the yearly membership and enrollment fees.
  • Must take part in the sexual abuse prevention agenda and finish it successfully.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Teacher In Ontario

The price of the five-year teaching program is usually from $32,000 to $34,000. A certification gotten from Online teaching costs about $10,000 to $30,000CAD. The cost of a Master’s degree program is usually from $12,000 to $74,000, while the cost of a Bachelor’s degree program is from $25,000 to $100,000.

Are Teachers In High Demand In Ontario?

In the next two years, the employment outlook for teachers in Ontario will be moderate, factors that contributed to this outlook include:

  • An increase in the rate of employment will lead to an increase in new posts.
  • Many posts will become vacant as a result of retirement.
  • The number of unemployed workers with fresh experience in the teaching profession is small.

Requirements For Alternative Routes To Being A Teacher Without Certification

To Become a teacher without certification, such a person must have at least a Bachelor’s degree, or better still a major in the subject such person has an interest in teaching. If this is done, such a person will be able to rapidly move into the classroom, because the teaching programs for these set of people can be finalized within one or two years.

Online programs that deal with teaching online are likely to lead to an advanced degree certificate or a master’s degree, this is based on the type of program that is done and the rules of the state in which such person is applying for certification.

Most of the states have paths that enable people who have signed up for an alternative agenda an interim teaching certificate, this gives opportunities to the students to teach while they finalize their teacher preparative programs.

Apart from the routes discussed, another option is an online teacher license which gives the student the privilege to become a teacher while working for the full number of hours.

Requirements For Teachers

  • A Bachelor’s degree in teaching or ant related field
  • Broad knowledge of teaching methods in vogue
  • Must have good verbal and communication skills
  • Must be neat and orderly with the ability to lead well
  • Must have good interpersonal relationship skills

How Much Does A Teacher Earn In Ontario?

An estimation of the salary given yearly to an entry-level teacher in Ontario is about $32,601. This means that about $15.67 is paid to them for each hour, while $627 per week and $2,727 per month.

Some teachers in Ontario are collecting salaries as high as $55,626 while some collect salaries as low as $18,381. Most of the entry-level teachers in Ontario collect salaries between $24,185 to $42,082.

Roles Of A Teacher

1. A Teacher Is A Mentor

One of the basic roles of a teacher is to mentor the students, especially in their early years in school. It’s therefore important for a teacher to have good conduct because young students are prone to follow in the footsteps of their teachers.

Most of the time, students look up to their teachers for advice on certain matters and they often take such advice seriously. Apart from just being a mentor to students, a teacher can also be a mentor to his fellow teacher, especially from a senior teacher to a junior teacher.

2. A Teacher Inspires

Another important role of a teacher is to influence the students positively. When teaching is going on in a classroom, the teacher can try to chip in words of motivation to the students.

Students have this mindset that teachers were once like students who have gone through the process of schooling and so they try to tap inspiration from them. Few words of motivation can invite the students to be one of the best.

3. A Teacher Is A Continuous Learner

A teacher never stops learning, the teaching profession changes or develops from time to time, this is a result of new methods of teaching being introduced regularly. Due to this reason, it’s necessary that a teacher is not dormant, but rather evolves as the teaching profession also evolves.

4. A Teacher Is A Great Listener

An important trait that all teachers must imbibe is the ability to be a great listener, this is very essential if as a teacher you’re looking forward to building a healthy relationship with your students. Teachers who can listen intently to their students will be able to have a proper understanding of their needs and give appropriate solutions.

5. A Teacher Is A Creative Thinker

A teacher should be able to spur his students to make new things and think of new ideas, but first of all, such a person must be a creative thinker. While lessons are going on, the teacher should encourage creativeness.


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