How To Become A Therapist In Ontario? (2023)

The world is fast-evolving, everyone minds their business and barely has time to care about others. A therapist is a medical professional that helps to ensure a good state of mind.  A therapist is a trained expert that provides treatment and rehabilitation, evaluates, diagnoses, and provides treatment for people with mental disorders.

To become a therapist in Ontario, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree which can take four years to earn. You will need a master’s degree which takes two to three years. You can also proceed to have a doctorate which takes an average of five to seven years. Formal education is very essential to becoming a therapist in Ontario.

How to become a therapist in Ontario?

A therapist is a  professional that assists people to analyze their problems and develop and render proper counseling services. Therefore, to become a therapist in Ontario, it takes at least seven to fifteen years after graduation from high school or it takes approximately five to eight years after earning a bachelor’s degree to earn a Ph. D in psychology.

Mostly, therapists need to obtain a bachelor’s degree which takes an average Of four years to earn, a master’s degree which usually takes two to three years to obtain, and an additional four to six years for a Ph.D. degree. After formal education, clinical experience is needed to become a licensed therapist.

Becoming a licensed therapist after a bachelor’s degree takes four to ten years. Generally, to become a therapist in Ontario requires some processes, also what a therapist does is determined largely by the kind of therapist. Therapists need experience and knowledge to determine if a person needs a specialist or services such as medicines, psychiatry, counsel, or legal aid.

Also, therapists help their clients to cope with mental disorders or illnesses and provide assistance with medication at times. A therapist renders advice to people who experience confusing feelings and experiences. Therapists help to figure out the problem and give the proper treatment approaches to cure the mental health condition

Discovering the steps to becoming a therapist in Ontario depends on learning about why you want to become a therapist and the various types of therapy. The following steps will help you to work towards your career in therapy.

1. Have an interest in practicing therapy

This is the first step to take to become a therapist. You should be able to define your interest and reasons for choosing this profession. The work of a therapist mostly deals with working with mentally and emotionally strained people. Most therapists have passion, are strong-minded, and emotionally ready to help people. It takes many years of schooling and different degrees to become a therapist

A useful action to take to affirm your interest in therapy is to have experience in therapy yourself. Most therapists today were once patients, they were rendered support and assistance by their therapists to overcome their problems or issues, and then they decided to pursue a career also. Experiencing therapy yourself will enable you to understand and believe the value of therapy.

2. Acquire knowledge on different kinds of therapist

There are various career opportunities in therapy such as counseling, psychiatry, psychology, etc. Some of these career opportunities require additional experience or a degree to be a professional or successful. Therapists can become medical practitioners who provide treatment to clients depending on their experience with mental health issues.

Therapists assist their clients differently depending on their specialization in the field.  You must learn about the types of therapists and determine your desire.

3. Earn a bachelor’s degree

Almost all careers in therapy need you to earn an undergraduate degree. The most common aspect for a would-be therapist is psychology.  Most therapy jobs need you to have an additional master’s degree or Ph.D. To pursue your chosen career in therapy, select an undergraduate degree, meet its necessities or requirements then proceed to the next step

4. Finish a graduate degree

A complete graduate degree is the most requirement to become a licensed therapist. The chosen master’s degree or Ph.d. is based on the therapy you wish to put into practice. If you become a therapist in Ontario, you can get your license from an approved professional organization in Ontario. Each organization has little different necessities.

5. Finish a supervised clinic work

Finishing a specific number of hours of clinical work is a common prerequisite to becoming a licensed therapist. This work can be done as part of your graduate program. Working with a mentor will make you comfortable with the work and will also enable you to acquire experience.

6. Get licensed

Ontario has its requirements for licensed therapists. You can learn more about the requirements to become a licensed therapist on the website of the Canadian psychological association. Each area of therapy involves different licensing prerequisites, you must know them to obtain yours.

7. Get a professional designation

Ontario has an organization for therapists that provide professional designation to their members. By becoming a member of this organization, you are qualified in your field. The Canadian professional counselors Association (CPCA) will confer you the designation of a registered professional counselor.

The association of cooperative counseling therapists will certify you as a registered therapist. Attaining membership will enable you to get a professional connection and distinguish you from other practitioners.

8. Have experience

After you are done with your education and you are fully certified. There are various options are available for you. You can decide to open a private practice business or get employed in hospitals, large companies, or organizations. You must decide your goal and requirements to get a satisfactory job and then pursue them.

Requirements needed to become a therapist in Ontario?

  • You will need to have an interest in practicing therapy
  • You will need to choose your type of therapy
  • You will need to earn a bachelor’s degree
  • You will need to earn a master’s degree or Ph. D
  • You will need to complete a supervised clinic work
  • You will need to get licensed
  • You will need to get a professional designation

Can I become a therapist without a degree?

You may become a therapist without having a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It’s possible to get a job as a therapist at any organization or educational level with a master’s degree in any therapy-related field.

Are therapists in demand in Ontario?

Therapists are currently in demand in Ontario. Therapists are needed to help people get rid of mental health issues or problems. Therapists are needed in Ontario to work as social workers, counselors, life coaches, etc.

Is any time too late to become a therapist in Ontario?

Age is not a necessary factor that can hinder you from becoming a therapist. If you are capable mentally to study courses and you have the money, time, interest, and passion to become a therapist then you can become a therapist.



The work of a therapist helps people to overcome different challenges they encounter in their lives. A Therapist helps to provide a safe space for people or clients to discuss at some length their issues. Therapists help to develop healthy behavior and relationship that will enable people to make positive changes in their personal, and professional life.

A therapist discovers and renders assistance on how to overcome people’s problems. These problems may come out in different forms which may include interpersonal problems, substance abuse problems, co-workers’ problems, family members’ problems, behavioral disorders, etc. A therapist assists to achieve mental and emotional health at any stage of life.

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