Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance In Ontario (2024)

There are tons of financial risks attached to owning a car in Ontario, just as it is in other parts of the country. However, one of the best steps car owners can take is to put in place an appropriate car insurance. With this, they can actually lessen the chances of encountering financial issues as it can take care of damage to their car. It is thus pertinent to ensure you settle for an appropriate car insurance provider around, that is affordable and classy.

The top 10 cheapest car insurance in Ontario includes The Co-operators, The Personal Insurance, Intact Insurance, Desjardins, Belairdirect, Aviva, TD Insurance, Economical Insurance, RSA Group and Sonnet.

Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance In Ontario

We are not merely concerned with providers offering cheap car insurance, but are also particular about highlighting the top guys in the industry. This has influenced the choice of car insurance providers on this list. It is not appropriate to include a very cheap provider that won’t get you satisfied.

However, these ones here are some of the top car insurance providers in the country, which folks in Ontario can benefit from.

1. The Co-operators

The Co-operators Group Limited has been around for many years now, and they have been offering superb services to tons of policy holders around the country. As a car owner in Ontario, you can comfortably get car insurance from these guys. Beyond the talks of affordability, you will enjoy several other things from your decision with them.

Not only is it that the Co-operators are part of the top car insurance providers around here, but you can also be sure of getting discounts and excellent customer service. These guys have branches in Ontario (as well as other parts of the country). Incredibly, their P&C insurance products insure over 1.4 million vehicles already. The insurance company is one of the cheapest car insurance in Ontario.

2. The Personal Insurance

Here is another car insurance provider you can patronize in Ontario as a car owner. They are one of the very best around, strong and reliable. The Personal Insurance has been around too for a long time now, and you will enjoy their customer service too. They already have many customers in Ontario, as well as in other parts of Canada. Its auto insurance offers standard coverage as well as optional coverage.

The former deals with stuff like third-party liability, accident benefits, collisions, etc. The latter include stuff like five-year new vehicle protection coverage, liability for damage to non-owned automobile coverage, and so on.

3. Intact Insurance

Intact Financial Corporation is another you can patronize for car insurance in Ontario. Aside its affordability, you can be confident that you will get superb features and benefits. They already have a large customer base in Ontario, and you can jump into the ship too.

These guys have a reputation for being one of the largest providers of P&C insurance you will find around. They already have millions of customers, and thousands of employees too. Hence, you can be confident about your dealings with Intact.

4. Desjardins

Desjardins Group is ahead in the industry. Hence, they can be recommended to car owners in Ontario in need of affordable but great car insurance. If you are a new car owner, you can be particular about these guys, as they provides a wide variety of discounts as well as optional coverages.

Their standard auto insurance coverage includes stuff like, third-party liability, collision and upset, accident benefits, and so on. And if you so desire, you can opt for Desjardins’ optional car insurance coverage. This includes stuff like five-year new vehicle protection, a $0 deductible option, transportation replacement, and so on.

5. Belairdirect

Belairdirect is also a nice car insurance provider around that can be recommended beyond its affordability. These guys are one of the best you will find in the country at large. If your car has low mileage, you can go for Belairdirect.

We should also add that they have a good customer service, and they already have many clients in Ontario. It’s also important to add that they are a subsidiary of Intact Insurance and they have been around for many years now. The company is already an expert when it comes to offering car and home insurance solutions. You can work with these guys.

6. Aviva

Aviva Canada is also an impressive car insurance provider that you can confidently work with as a car owner in Ontario. These guys will offer you many dscounts and optional coverages. They have nice standard and optional coverages, and they are a perfect option for Lyft drivers. Additionally, many folks are already using their services in Ontario, as well as in other regions of Canada. You can also confidently jump into the ship too and enjoy their pleasant offers to secure your car.

7. TD Insurance

If you are very particular about the most affordable car insurance options in Ontario, TD Insurance should get you really excited. These guys are pretty cheap, but formidable. While their customer service is not as enhanced as some of the others up there, you can be rest assured that you will get a lot of discounts and optional coverages. They also have a reputation for being one of the biggest direct-response auto and home insurance groups around here.

As explained already, we are not merely interested in a provider offering affordable car insurance, but that they must also be a sophisticated one offer nothing but the best to their clients. This is one of the nice things about TD Insurance. They are not just offering cheap stuff to their clients, but they offer superb services.

8. Economical Insurance

This is another impressive car insurance provider you can patronize. These guys offers its insurance solutions exclusively through insurance brokers, and they have a well organized structure. They are a master when it comes to discounts and optional coverages. Their customer service is topnotch, and they give great priority to customer satisfaction. You can insure your cars, trucks, vans and even motorcycles at Economical Insurance. You can give these guys a try too.

9. RSA Group

RSA Group has one of the best customer service you will find around. Even much more is the fact that they are not just one of the most affordable car insurance providers in Ontario, but they offer good discounts as well as optional coverages. They have an impressive AIR MILES reward programme, and their claims protection plan and lifetime repair guarantee are very nice.

10. Sonnet

Finally, here is Sonnet, another one of the cheapest car insurance in Ontario. They offer nice discounts and optional coverages, and can also boast of a dynamic customer service. They have a robust system in place to help you do your thing from the comfort of your home, as they are a fully online insurance company. The company really have a lot to offer, and their website contains useful and helpful resources too. Sonnet’s auto insurance coverage includes liability, accident benefits, and so on..



These are not just some of the cheapest car insurance in Ontario, but also some of the best you will get anywhere. You can confidently patronize their policies for your car and have rest of mind.


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