Top 10 Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Ontario (2024)

Motorcycles are fun and fast, and we all love them. However, it is necessary to have proper motorcycle insurance before cruising around Ontario. There are different disadvantages attached to not doing this, and you don’t have to be discouraged. The fact is, not all insurance companies are expensive. You can still get affordable and superb motorcycle insurance policy in Ontario, and take your ride with confidence.

Some of the cheapest motorcycle insurance providers in Ontario include: Intact Insurance, Aviva, Travelers, Economical, SGI, Wawanesa, Echelon, The Co-operators Group, The Personal Insurance and Desjardins

Top 10 Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Ontario

Just as car insurance in Ontario (and even in the whole of Canada), it is compulsory for motorcycle owners to have insurance in place for their bikes. You are expected to have a minimum amount of coverage. This is for your own good too, since, in the event of loss, you are insured.

Usually, motorcycle insurance in Ontario includes certain types of mandatory coverage in a policy, such as Third party liability, Accident benefits, Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) and Uninsured motorist. Of course, you can always add optional coverage to your policy.

1. Intact Insurance

Intact Financial Corporation is one of the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Ontario with tons of customers from different parts of Canada already. They have great financial strength, and their prices are reasonable. Intact has a reputation for their superb discounts and optional coverages, although they should still improve their customer service.

You can get your motorcycle insurance at Intact since they have many satisfied folks from Ontario already. The company has a reputation for being a huge provider of P&C insurance in the whole of Canada

2. Aviva

You can get affordable motorcycle insurance at Aviva. This insurance provider is reasonably considerate when it comes to prices, although their customer service is not yet strong. However, this is a huge company that has been around for many years now, and they have huge financial strength. Aviva is impressive when it comes to discounts and optional coverages, and we can recommend them to motorcycle riders in Ontario.

3. Travelers

You can also take a step towards Travelers Canada, as they are another prominent insurance provider in the country. The company is aware of the need to have people and services that can be reliable in the event of something unexpected. Bringing it to this discourse on a motorcycle, anything can happen to the bike, and it won’t be funny if the owner should find themselves in a state of helplessness and hopelessness.

Travellers offer quality coverages and their products will help protect you when you need it the most. You can usually rely on these guys for nothing but the best.

4. Economical Insurance

Here is another big one around here, with impressive customer service too. Economical Insurance is topnotch when it comes to discounts and optional coverages, even though their financial strength and prices aren’t superb like Aviva and Intact. Nevertheless, there are already many people in Ontario using their services already, and you can also jump into the ship. They have insurance solutions for different types of motorcycles (and even other vehicles like cars and vans and more).

5. SGI

You can get motorcycle insurance at SGI without breaking the bank. It doesn’t matter the type of motorcycle you are using, you can always register your stuff with these guys. Not only for its affordability but the fact that they are a reliable brand. You can register your new motorcycle here without the need for an inspection. However, you are expected to submit stuff like the bill of sale as well as the NVIS that was given to you by the dealer.

However, if you are insuring a used motorcycle at SGI, you have to be able to prove that you are now the new legitimate owner, by submitting a bill of sale and a lease agreement/previous registration. Also, if the motorcycle has been registered, an inspection is not registered.

6. Wawanesa

Here is another big brand in Canada. At Wawanesa, you can obtain essential auto coverage, by joining one of their numerous customers. At Wawanesa, they have two major types of auto insurance that you can opt for. There are mandatory coverages which are required to operate a vehicle on public roadways. Also, there are optional coverages which one can add to suit their specific needs.

7. Echelon

Echelon is another big one in Canada, and we can recommend them too. They have motorcycle insurance irrespective of what you have – touring bike, cruiser, trail bike, and grand touring. This provider offers superb-priced insurance coverage. Echelon provides premium discounts for riders that have been able to finish an Advanced Rider Training course. They also have different deductible options which can be enjoyed by their customers when they obtain their motorcycle product.

8. The Co-operators

The Co-operators Group Limited is in a class on its own, when it comes to the business of insurance. This insurance provider is one of the best you can find around, and they can be easily recommended to motorcycle riders in Ontario seeking motorcycle insurance. They have good customer service as well as impressive financial strength. When it comes to discounts and optional coverages, the company is so excellent. They are also doing well in the offerings of prices, and they already have many branches around different Canadian regions.

The Co-operators have a lot of satisfied customers in Ontario right now, hence can be recommended, not just for their affordability, but also their sophistication. Just to understand how big these guys are, you should be informed that their P&C insurance products insure over 1.4 million vehicles.

9. The Personal Insurance

You can also opt for Personal Insurance. This insurance provider can boast of a robust structure with excellent customer service, and they also have a huge financial strength. When it comes to discounts and optional coverages, however, Personal Insurance is average. Additionally, they already have many satisfied customers in Ontario, which is a greenlight already. Their auto insurance came with different impressive features and you should like what they are offering.

10. Desjardins

Finally, Desjardins Group is also one of the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Ontario. Not just for affordability’s sake, but the fact that they will offer you nothing but the best. They are excellent insurers when it comes to financial strength. Additionally, you will get to enjoy reasonable prices, discounts and optional coverages.

All of these are available for their customers, plus the nice customer service they offer. If you will be signing up for their standard auto insurance coverage, for instance, the package comes with several impressive features third-party liability, collision and upset, accident benefits, family protection, etc.



These cheapest motorcycle insurance in Ontario were not just opted for due to the affordability factor, but we seriously considered their efficacy too. In other words, they are at the top of the game, and you can always patronize their offers with confidence.

You should also know that price differs. Hence, you should reach out to the provider of your choice to know what you will bring to the table. This will be determined by certain factors. Stuff like the make and model of your motorcycle, where you reside in Ontario, age and experience, etc are popular factors that determine premiums. But just as it is being done all around the world, different insurers in Ontario also have a specific formula they utilize to set rates.

Finally, there are several different types of motorcycles, and the one you own will affect your motorcycle insurance. Some of the most common types of motorcycles that are usually insured in Canada are, the standard street bikes which are usually seen on city streets, Cruisers, Touring bikes used for long-distance trips, and tricycle motorbikes.


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