Top 10 Cheapest Phone Plans In Ontario (2023)

In many ways, there’s no need for an expensive phone plan in order to enjoy well reliable service and data. Mostly, a cheap phone plan will work just as an expensive phone plan does. If data is important to you and you need a fast and cheap phone plan network connection, then you have to read this to the end. Having a cheap and fast network connection is the most everyone’s priority and wish.

The list of the cheapest phone plans in Ontario are; Tello Economy, Mint Mobile Unlimited, Visible Unlimited, Unlimited Talk & Text, Simple mobile network, TracFone, Speed talk mobile, Ultra mobile network, Chatr mobile, Telus, and lots more.

If all the data in the world has a slow connection then isn’t helpful. The cheap prices alone should get customer attention. The best cheap cell phone plans include various phone plans, some are traditional plans which means they are postpaid or contract, while some are paid as-you-go or pre-paid plans. The above plans are flexible in terms and they are the best deals out there.

Phone plans derived from mobile virtual network operators are the ones that made up the list of the best cheap cell phone plans. Availability of different phone plans is abundant, there’s no need to reduce your budget because we are in the age of the internet and data has a much input on the price of your phone plans in Ontario.

List Of 10 Cheapest Phone Plans In Ontario

1. Tello Economy

Tello Economy is the number one best phone plan which includes unlimited talk time, unlimited texting, and I gigabyte {GB) of high-speed data. And you can make your payment for your plan month to month and you can decide to add more or fewer data. Tello Economy runs on 4G and 5G LTE networks, this service is great for users for are willing to use their phone plans for basic options. And there’s a privilege for you to call more than 60 countries for free.

2. Mint mobile

Mint mobile ranks number 4 in the best phone plans to rate. It also earns Number 4 in the rating of the best-pre-paid phone plans. And their plans include unlimited talk and text, 10 GB of high-speed data, and 5 GB of mobile hotspot data, all on for a 4G or 5G LTE network. Mint mobile gives the privilege to adjust your plan to more or less expensive during your contract period if it needs changes.

3. Visible unlimited

Visible unlimited phone plans offer one plan less per month to start. Then increase in the following month through the introductory period. The plan includes unlimited data on a 5G network and unlimited texting and calling minutes as a bonus. If you want to add more Calls, you can get a group low rate for every member added.

4. Consumer cellular Unlimited Talk & Text

One of the best companies that have no data phone plans, unlimited talk & text is one of them. Its data plan monthly payment is from the range of 1GB to 15GB  of data. Every month, you will get a 5% monthly discount on any consumer cellular plan. They have a good choice for those who need more as it offers unlimited data and also plans that are just for taking and that are not include data. And you can easily upgrade your phone plans before the end of your purchasing cycle.

5. Simple Mobile Network

If you are on a budget or simply don’t need a lot of data, a simple mobile network is the best package for you. With the inexpensive price tag and some features rates, for example; international phone use and having access to bundling with streaming services which may be limited with low costs plans. If you don’t want to use much data simple mobile network is the best option for you to use which has a good and reliable internet service connection at home to connect.

6. TracFone wireless network

There is a network that uses TracFone AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon. All these three networks have amazing coverage but the Verizon is referred to as the best among the following. But the T. mobile makes the fastest data speed.  TracFone wireless network had the highest and largest companies controlling interest in the company. They have been rated as having the fastest data speed and cheapest phone plans.

7. Speed Talk Mobile

Speed talk mobile offers the most rated competitive subscription wireless service which you don’t need much data to use. The plan includes unlimited data plans on both 4G LTE and 5G Networks. There are renewable pre-paid plans for cell phones, smartwatches, and lots more. There are no contracts or credit checks, and always 100% guaranteed. It has the most rated best option which includes a good and reliable internet service connection at home to connect.

8. Ultra Mobile network

Based on the generation of wireless network technology. You can enjoy the experience of 5G coverage on the Ultra Mobile network and its enhanced good connectivity and the best innovative technology that will make you connected worldwide. If you are unable to get a 5G, ultra mobile network get you cover up you can still enjoy the excellent experience and fast speed on your 4G LTE network. It has full access to both 5G and 4G LTE networks which offers the much best higher-up speeds.

9. Telus network

Telus network is the best public mobile network that offers the best politeness phone plan Network with a limited low-cost plan and with good and reliable internet service providers in wherever you are to connect. It’s easy to upgrade your phone plans with a monthly discount on any cellular plan. It’s just for you to make payments monthly in order to add more or fewer data. And there’s a promo for every regular customer service which makes the payment monthly or yearly.

10. Chatr mobile network

Chatr is a Mobile virtual network technology owned by Rogers communication whose main focus is to help low-level customers. It’s one of the three wireless services owned by Rogers communication which includes Rogers wireless and Fido solutions. Their subscription plan it’s the least expensive and fast, reliable internet service provider. They provide phone plans for both the 4G LTE network and the 5G network.

What is the cheapest phone plan?

The rated as cheapest phone plans are; Tello Economy, Mint Mobile Unlimited, Visible Unlimited, and consumer cellular Unlimited talk and text are the ones which are the cheapest among the phone plans in Ontario.

Is Fido good in Ontario?

Fido runs the most Rogers wireless network with the best coverage for 97% of Ontario, Fido Mobile offers high-speed LTE almost everywhere in Ontario. In entire rural areas where high speed fails but when it comes to Fido, they are supported by large varieties of phone plans.

Does T mobile have a $15 plan?

Based on T mobile, it has two pricing tiers; $15 per month, which gets you 2GB of monthly data with unlimited calls and text but $25 per month, which will get you 5GB of monthly data with unlimited calls and texts.



Phone plans are to be convenient for customer service at an affordable cost for people in Ontario and in other countries in the world. If you are a data friend, you can brace yourself for the cost of your plan. Do not go beyond your budget or savings in terms of phone plans.

There’s no need to search for a phone plan before you connect to your family and friends while not tampering with your budget or savings. When assessing phone plans, there’s a need to make more findings about the phone plans before you go into it. You can save both time and money by viewing more different phone plans, features, rates, prices, financial services, and unlimited data plans with free calling, and texting with less contract period.

The main above-listed list of the cheapest phone plans in Ontario is the best and most reliable phone plan if you are a citizen or you are schooled in Ontario or in Canada. The following list is the best available choice for you to get. Each plan has extra expertise and you can make more research in terms to suit your budget or savings.

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