Top 10 Cheapest Ways To Build A House In Ontario (2024)

Building your own house in Ontario and living in it is such a sweet thing to do. It is the dream of so many people, but due to different reasons, they can’t take appropriate steps. Of course, to be realistic the lack of affordable housing is everywhere, and folks are usually looking for a way out. Hence, a realistic path you can follow is to build your own house as cheaply as possible.

If you have been seeking the cheapest ways to build a house in Ontario, you can Simplify Your Home’s Design, Hire An Experienced Home Builder, Save Costs By Becoming A General Contractor, Budget, Plan And Price Out All Items, Use Reclaimed Materials, Use Prefab Panels, Use Precast Concrete, Use Shipping Containers, Buy Materials At A Discount and DIY As Much As You Can.

Top 10 Cheapest Ways To Build A House In Ontario

1. Simplify Your Home’s Design

If you want to build your house without breaking the bank, one of the prominent things you can do is start by designing a simple box. Adhering to a square or rectangle will help keep the building and design simple. If you want to keep things affordable and cheap, you may want to be wary of going for a multiple-story home. While a box-style home may seem mere, remember you can always make the interior as heavenly as you desire.

Before jumping to the next tips, we should also talk about the roof, while still on design. The roofing design you are going for is another factor that will affect the price of the house. Thus, the simpler you can keep your roofing design, the better for you. Simplifying your home’s design is one of the cheapest ways to build a house in Ontario.

2. Hire An Experienced Home Builder

Really? Won’t they charge more money than a regular one? Sure, you have to pay them more money. However, the nice thing to know here is that in the long run, you end up saving money.

A home builder who has been around for many years can help in identifying where to spend and where to save. Many of them already have creative money-saving ideas.

3. Save Costs By Becoming A General Contractor

It’s possible to manage the home building process if you have experience in this enterprise. With this, you end up saving a whole lot of money, since you don’t have to pay a contractor to do this. All you have to do is to be ready to take out time to do what you have to do as a contractor, and still engage the services of an architect (although you can still download plans online).

If you are going to build your house as cheaply as possible in Ontario, one of the prominent factors that will make this possible is by doing certain things without having to pay professionals to come in with their services. So, if you are going to be playing the role of a contractor here, you won’t have to pay for this again, and you will be able to save money.

4. Budget, Plan And Price Out All Items

One of the very best things you can do to make your goal a reality is to do the above. With a carefully crafted budget that will highlight the price of all that’s going to be spent, you can be surprised at how much you won’t have to burn.

Of course, in the first draft, you won’t get something perfect. The thing is, your budget will always be a work in progress (progressive). Hence, you can always add anything that should be added (for instance, whenever prices change).

5. Use Reclaimed Materials

You can give this a priority if you want to be economical with building your house in Ontario. This is already a popular and acceptable trend, and one of the reasons many are adopting it is because it saves money. So, people don’t mind utilizing reclaimed stuff like old barn doors or wood to build. If you don’t know where to get these reclaimed materials around, you should simply go online and get them ordered.

6. Use Prefab Panels

Prefabricated panels can also be utilized a lot if you want to build your house in Ontario without breaking the bank. These are wall panels which are custom-built inside a factory. All you have to do is to get them ordered and shipped to the site. Aside from the cost factor, this option would also save labour and time. You won’t have to splash more money on extra labour as well as framing the walls.

7. Use Precast Concrete

How about using precast concrete? These too can save labour fees and construction time. How it works is that the concrete is poured into a reusable mould, after which some little finishing is carried out before it is transferred to the site. Indeed, if you can give priority to this, you discover you won’t have to bother yourself with certain additional expenses, and you end up spending less too.

8. Use Shipping Containers

This alternative housing idea uses old shipping containers for the structure of the home. Since the structure is already intact, this type of housing can help you save money on construction costs. Of course, you’ll need to consider the modifications you’ll need to make to the container to turn it into a livable space and costs go up if you use more than one container.

9. Buy Materials At A Discount

It doesn’t matter what materials you are subscribing to (and you will be needing several different materials too), try to ensure your material budget is reduced as much as possible. This is what you will be spending more money on. The amount of money you spend to get adequate materials is much more than what you even give to the different professionals working for you. Hence, when trying to get your building materials from your suppliers, make it a duty to demand a discount. Nothing wrong in asking for this. If they give you the go-ahead, you should have no issues. But if they won’t, then you should talk to your contractor. It’s likely that your contractor already has these things in place, and they may help you to get the materials with their discounts. This will help reduce a lot of expenses.

10. DIY As Much As You Can

Finally, if you want to save cost, you must be set and eager to do a lot of things yourself. It is easier if you have friends and family who can come in at different points to help out without collecting money or something.

Look at those things you can get done yourself, and just play around with them, rather than giving someone else the money. You can take the step to watch videos on YouTube as touching how to get stuff done, and you will discover many of these things are not hard. Going this path is one of the cheapest ways to build a house in Ontario.



These are some of the cheapest ways to build a house in Ontario, and it doesn’t matter what part of the province you are settling for.


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