63 Interesting Facts About Ontario (2023)

Canada is a popular country located in North America. The nation is considered one of the friendliest nations considering its warmness and acceptance of visitors and tourists which has increased the numbers of foreign residents in the country.

Blessed with a natural picturesque environment which has mesmerized tourists around the world to troop into the country in their mass to enjoy the gift of nature available in the country.

More so, the country has a robust economy that attracts workers of different fields to relocate and settle in to the country to make earns meet.

More interesting is the fact that Canada is home to numerous modernized urban settlements. One of the ultra-modern cities established in this country is Ontario, located in the east-central Canada province that shares its border with the United States and the Great Lakes.

Ontario is a great place to live. It is one of the ten provinces in the country. This province is blessed with diverse natural regions such as extensive forests, coastline on three of North America’s Great Lakes, with thousands of inland lakes among others.

Not to spill the gist so fast, continue to read as we share some fun facts about Ontario that we have put together in this enlightening piece of writing.

Fun Facts About Ontario Canada

1. Ontario was First Visited and Discovered by Europeans

Ontario was first discovered and explored by Europeans in the 1600s. Ontario used to be home to Iroquoian and Algonquian-speaking Aboriginals long before the Europeans began to arrive in mass.

2. The Origin of the word Ontario

The word “Ontario” originates from an Iroquois word that stands for “beautiful water”. The word is believed to also mean “beautiful lake” or “big body of water,” depending on the context.

The name reflects the nature of the province been that one-fifth of the province is covered by water typically lakes and rivers. However, the province was officially named “Ontario” after it became a province so that it can reflect the new era that began in 1867.

3. The Most Populous Province in Canada

Regarding population, Ontario has the highest number of inhabitants in the country. This is not surprising because the province houses four cities out of the ten largest in the country: Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo.

4. Named after Lake with the same Name

Lake Ontario is one of the five great lakes found in North America. It is believed that the province is named after the lake.

5. Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City is located in Ontario

Ontario is home to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, known for Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery, featuring Canadian and indigenous art.

6. Ontario Capital City

The province of Ontario is popular for housing some of the major cities in Canada. You must have heard of Toronto? The city is Ontario’s capital with over 2 million residents.

7. Ontario was Formerly called English-speaking Upper Canada

During the division of Canada into provinces under the constitutional Act of 1791, Ontario was formerly known as English-speaking Upper Canada.

8. Two Official Language

Ontario is a linguistic diverse community with hundreds of languages spoken. However, Ontario has two official languages. The first is the English language and the second is French. The reason has been that both languages are predominantly spoken in the province.

9. The second-largest province in Canada

Coming behind Quebec, Ontario is the second-largest province in Canada.

10. The most Populated Province in Canada

Although being the second largest province in Canada by area, Ontario is the most populated province in the country. As of 2021, the population of Ontario is estimated at 14 million inhabitants.

11. The Capital of Ontario is known for its Screen-Based Production

Toronto is the third most popular city for screen-based production work, behind Los Angeles and New York City.

12. Combine Spain and France, it’s not as big as Ontario

Among the interesting facts about Ontario is that the province covers about 1 million square kilometres of land area, making it larger than Spain and France combined.

13. The Trillium is the Official Flower of Ontario

Do you know that the beautiful, white three-petaled flower known as “trillium” is the official flower of Ontario? The flower commonly grows massively during the spring season.

14. The Ontario Provincial Flag

The provincial flag’s design consists of a defaced red ensign, with the Royal Union Flag in the canton and the shield of arms in the fly.

15. The Maple Leaf Tartan

The Maple Leaf Tartan is Canada’s national tartan. It was designed in anticipation of Canada’s centennial in 1967. However, the Tartan was not formally recognized up until 2011 when it was finally adopted as the official tartan.

16. The Franco-Ontarian Flag

Among the diverse symbols of Ontario is the Franco-Ontarian flag was raised in 1975 as a symbol of representing the Franco-Ontarian. The essence of designing the flag is to reflect the diverse languages, seasons and people of Ontario. The flag is created with a unique design that consists of two bands of green and white.

17. Over 25,000 Lakes in Ontario

The province is known for housing approximately 250,000 lakes. The Canadian settlement is estimated to have 20% of the world’s freshwater stores.

18. Northern Region of Ontario is Sparsely Populated

The province of Ontario is sometimes two geographic regions which are Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. The latter is where the great majority of Ontario’s population and arable land are. While the former is sparsely populated with cold winters and heavy forestation.

19. The Eastern White Pine is the Official Tree of Ontario

Another official symbol of this popular province is the “eastern white pine”. It is adopted as Ontario’s official tree on May 1, 1984. The tree is the tallest in the province, and it can live for over 250 years. The tree is chosen to represent the vast forests of Ontario because it is found all across the province.

20. The Official Stone of Ontario is Amethyst

It will interest you to know that the official stone of Ontario is “amethyst”. The precious stone is chosen amidst the mineral wealth of the province to represent the abundant availability of mineral resources. The stunning semi-precious purple stone is commonly used in jewellery productions such as rings, necklaces, and earrings.

21. Ontario Produces the Highest Gold in Canada

The province of Ontario is known for its rich mineral resources and over half of the country’s gold is produced in Ontario

22. Most of the Farmlands in Canada is in Ontario

Ontario houses more than half of the highest quality farmland in Canada.

23. Ontario is Home of the Niagara Falls

Have you heard of Niagara Falls? If you have, it will interest you to know that this famous waterfall is located in Ontario. It is the second-largest waterfall in the world just behind the Victoria falls in Zambia

24. The Capital of Ontario in Toronto

Do you know that the capital of Canada is Ottawa and not Toronto. However, Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and it is known to be largely linguistically diverse with over 100 languages.

25. The Telephone was Invented in Ontario

The name Alexander Bell rings a bell, right? He is known as the founder of the telephone. The fun fact is that he invented the telephone while working in Brantford in Ontario. Although he is not a Canadian.

26. There are over 100,000km of Rivers in Ontario

Interestingly, Ontario is home to over 100,000 kilometres of rivers. This accounts for the freshwater cruising in the province.

27. The city of Niagara is located in Ontario

The city of Niagara Falls is located in Ontario. It derives its name from the popular Niagara waterfalls where the city is established.

28. The Loon is Ontario’s Official Bird

The common loon is the official bird of Ontario commonly referred to as the provincial bird. the “loon” is used as a symbol on the Canadian currency (the loonie; and a previous series of twenty-dollar bills).

29. The CN Tower is located in Ontario

Ontario is home to the CN Tower that is 553m-high with expansive views from its revolving restaurant, as well as High Park, site of a rare oak savannah habitat.

30. Ontario is the Home of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Ontario remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in North America.

31. The majority of Ontario Residents Speak the First language that is neither English nor French

Are you aware that 44% of residents in Ontario’s capital city have a first language that isn’t English or French?

32. Ontario was home to Canadian Spy School

Ontario was home to a WWII spy school in Whitby, Ontario. The school became a Canadian spy school that was known only as “Camp X”.

33. Most of Ontario Border with the U.S is by Inland Waterways

It may also interest you to know that only about 1km of Ontario’s border with the United States island. Most of the borders shared with the U.S are inland waterways, the only part that shares a land border with the United States is a collection of portages down near Minnesota.

34. Ontario is home to the Highest Point in Canada

Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario. It is 693 metres above sea level (or 2,250 feet). The elevated height is located in Temagami in Northeastern Ontario. Truth be told, Ishpatina Ridge is not easy to get to but not impossible.

35. Ontario Highest Point Derives its name from Aboriginal

Do you know that Ishpatina Ridge derives its name from The Ojibwe word ishpadina meaning “high place/ridge.”

36. Ontario is Home of Canada’s First Female Parliamentarian

Do you know that the first female member of Parliament in Canada is was from Ontario? Her name is Agnes Macphail, a member of the Progressive Party from Ontario. She was a vivid advocator for women, children, farmers, and veterans during her time in office.

37. Ontario is the origin home of Canada National Sport

The national sport of Canada is lacrosse. The game was first played by Indigenous communities in what is now Ontario and Québec.

38. Ontario is home to Canada’s Largest Skating Rink

The Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa, Ontario which spans 202 km (126 miles) is Canada’s largest skating rink.

39. The Longest Freshwater Beach in the world is in Ontario

Have you heard of “Wasaga Beach”? The beach is located in Ontario and it stretches for 14 kilometres it is the longest freshwater beach in the world. There are over 100 motels and hundreds of cottages built along its shores. Wasaga beach derives its name after the indigenous word for “mouth of the river”.

40. The man who first produced the Hawaiian Pizza is from Ontario

Do you know that the Hawaiian pizza was invented by a man from Ontario, not by the Hawaiians? The Hawaiian pizza was first produced in 1962 by Sam Panopoulos, a Greek restaurateur from Ontario. He created this fine recipe as the first person to add pineapple to the traditional Canadian pizza and for this reason, some people refer to it as “Canadian Pizza”.

41. Maple trees are Common in Ontario

Ontario is among the world’s leading producers of maple syrup. That is because the province is flooded with Maple trees with about 2,673 maple syrup farms in Ontario.

42. Maple Syrup Museum

Ontario is home to the Maple Syrup Museum where you can learn all that you need to know about maple syrup.

43. Largest Freshwater Island in the World

The largest freshwater island in the world is found in Ontario. The Manitoulin Island located in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron is the largest fresh freshwater island in the world. The island is filled with hiking and cultural experiences. More so, there are the Great Spirit Circle Trails where tourists and visitors can immerse themselves in the Indigenous culture of Canada’s First Nations.

44. Yonge Street

Taking us further in our 101 Interesting Fun Facts about Ontario is the Yonge Street known to be the longest street in the world. The street measured at 1,896 km (1,178 mi) long originates in Toronto and goes straight down to Lake Simcoe.

45. There are over 160 Wineries in Ontario

If you are a lover of wine, then Ontario is one of your best shot provinces to reside. There are over 160 wineries in Ontario producing so many different varieties of wine that can be chosen from including fruit wines, ice wines, and more.

46. Largest producers of Ice Wine

Canada is famous for its ice wine produced from pressed frozen grapes. and Ontario happens to be the largest producer. The indigenous wine is usually served as a dessert wine.

47. Canada’s most Southerly Point is Located in Ontario

Canada’s most southerly point, Pelee Island is located in Ontario. The Island is known for its beautiful old lighthouse.  You can also visit the island for hiking.

48. The busiest airport in Canada is in Ontario.

The Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario is the busiest in Canada with annual travellers that pass through the airport reaching 40 million travellers

49. Ontario is filled with beautiful canoe routes.

Over 1,200 miles of canoe routes can be found in Ontario. They offer tourists and visitors an amazing quintessential way to explore the province via a canoe. As such, it is very much possible to go on a voyageur canoe or book a tour to enjoy the many access and launch points to choose from.

50. Ontario is Home to Lake Muskoka

The very popular tourist destination Lake Muskoka is known for its tourist attraction with a huge number of tourists visiting the site each year. Interestingly, there are other attractions in the area among them is the Algonquin Provincial Park.

51. Ontario is Home to Two UNESCO World Heritage

Ontario is well known for housing not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. First, is the Rideau Canal built in 1832? It is now the oldest continuously operated canal across North America.

Secondly, the Pimachiowin Aki is a series of sites that include unique rock formations. It also contains rare boreal forests and limestone cliffs. There are also many sacred and burial sites from First Nations communities established in this area.

52. There are 5 Canadian National Parks Located in Ontario

Ontario is popular for many reasons. Making our fun facts about Ontario is the fact that there are 5 Canadian national parks established in this province out of the 38 recognized parks in this country.

The parks in Ontario are:

  • Pukaskwa National Park
  • Bruce Peninsula National Park
  • Georgian Bay Islands National Park
  • Thousand Islands National Park
  • Point Pelee National Park

53. Ontario is Home to Over 700 museums in Ontario

When it comes to galleries and exhibition halls known as museums, Ontario is heavily flooded with over 700 museums established in different locations in the province. The popular museums in Ontario are Royal Ontario Museum, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Bata Shoe Museum, Gardiner Museum, and Canada Agriculture & Food Museum.

54. There are over 200 Animal and Plant Species in Ontario

Talking about zoology and botany, there are about 230 species of animals and plants that are on the brink of extinction in Ontario. Sadly, these numbers continue to increase annually.

55. Ontario is Considered the World’s Waterfalls Capital

For a city named after water, it is not surprising to know that Ontario is considered to be the ‘Waterfall Capital of the World’. The city of Hamilton located in Ontario is known as the “Waterfall Capital of the World” with over more than 100 waterfalls that can be found in the region.

56. Ontario has the Largest Freshwater Dune System

The largest freshwater dyne system in the world is located in Ontario’s Prince Edward County.

57. Ontario has 1000 Islands

In terms of Island locations, Ontario houses 100 islands located on the border of Ontario and New York.

58. Do you know that the largest Canadian zoo is in Ontario?

Among the numerous zoos in Canada, the largest of them all is in Ontario. The Toronto zoo is the largest in the country and the third-largest worldwide. The zoo is home to over 16,000 animals from various species.

59. Ontario is Home of Golfers

Lacrosse and Hockey are not the only popular games in Ontario. The province is home to over 800 golf courses in Ontario. If you are a golfer and want to play very often, then this province is a place where you should consider visiting to enjoy your favourite sport.

60. High Standard of Living

If you are interested to move into Canada with your sight set on Ontario, you should know that the province has one of the highest living standards in the world. Thanks to its abundance of natural resources, economic stability, and high quality of life.

61. Residents Pays the Highest Electricity Bill in North America

This can be a fun fact for some and others, it is a concern. However, we got to know that citizens of Ontario pay the highest rates for electricity in all of North America.

62. Home to the Highest Corporations in Canada

The province of Ontario is also popular for housing some of the largest multinational corporations established in Canada. There are several top Fortune 500 companies housed in this renowned area.

63. Host the Second Largest Oktoberfest Outside Germany

Ontario is a bubbling province and one of its reputable cities, the city of Kitchener is known to host the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany.


Ontario is a province with incredibly natural and manmade features which makes there to be more to Ontario than meet the eyes. From our discussion, it is evident that the province is a land of wonders. These fun facts are for enlightenment purposes, especially for readers interested to find out incredible details about the city. We hope from the 101 Interesting Fun Facts about Ontario you have learned all that you need to know about Ontario.