Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ontario (2024)

Ontario is one of the economic powerhouses of Canada; it accounts for around 38% of the Canadian GDP, making it the largest economy in the country. The highest paying jobs in Ontario therefore contribute immensely to this bustling economy because the huge payouts they make enable people to live comfortably- boosting the circulation of money with the expenditures they make.

Furthermore, Ontario’s economy is very well diversified; which is why some of the highest paying jobs are from several sectors. This provides hope because it shows that there are plenty of opportunities for prosperity regardless of one’s area of specialization. This diversity continues to make Ontario attractive not only to individuals looking to make great careers in the province, but also to corporate entities and organizations looking to establish or expand their operations.

From manufacturing jobs to jobs in the service industry, Ontario is one of the first places to look at when looking for lucrative jobs with attractive bonuses and generous payouts.

Highest Paying Jobs In Ontario

 1. Doctors/ Surgeons

Average Salary: $500,000

Doctors, especially general practitioners are highly esteemed in Ontario and the whole of Canada. As a matter of fact Ontario is a favorite destination for experienced doctors from all over the world, as they prefer to come and work in this province of Canada. Of course the amount of money one is able to earn as a doctor will vary with the amount of experience that one has.

This is one job that demands special training; it may seem like a mountain to climb if you have not already started on the path to a career in medicine. However, if you are already a doctor, or on your way to becoming a medical practitioner, then it is a lot easier to move to Ontario and enjoy a pay-raise.

There could also be some difference between what a person can earn working in the public health system, and what the private hospitals are able to pay.

 2. Dentists

Average Salary: $400,000

Dentists work some of the highest paying jobs in Ontario. Please note that the terms Dentist and Dental Surgeon are used interchangeably in Canada. Dentists are very important because they promote oral health, and they help people work through a lot of pain. Doctors are therefore very important health workers, and they deserve every bit of respect, and every penny they make.

Dentists in Ontario receive very high salaries; all the big hospitals have wards for dental treatment. However, it is also common to find dental clinics and dentist’s offices, for those who prefer to see their dentists and receive treatment in a more personalized manner.

While Dentists who work in large hospitals make specified salaries, it is a lot more difficult to put a specific figure on the earnings of dentists who have their own Practices. This is because doctors in their own practices typically have a limitless earning potential. They can become very popular, and charge outrageous amounts of money, and still get a very high amount of patronage.

3. Judges

Average Salary: $400,000

Judges make very hefty decisions and so it is very important that they are incorruptible. The only way that they can remain incorruptible is if they earn good money. Luckily, judges are some of the highest paid people in the country, and so they can protect the sacred processes of justice that hold Canadian society together.

Because of their good work we can rest easy because criminals get jail time and innocent people get compensated.

 4. Lawyers

Average Salary: $300,000

Lawyers have always been high earners in Canada, and it is no surprise that they work some of the highest paying jobs in Ontario because the law practically holds the country together. Lawyers interpret the law, and help to solidify deals in every sector of the economy. Litigation is also serious business because the party that loses the litigation usually has to pay up huge amounts of money.

In order to avoid being the losing party, people are usually willing to pay huge sums, and that is basically how lawyers get rich. Two important factors that can go a long way in deciding whether or not a person gets a lot of money as a lawyer in Ontario or anywhere else are the amount of talent a lawyer has; and the branch of law he specializes in. Divorce Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Criminal Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers all stand a chance to get rich.

 5. Chief Marketing Officers

Average Salary: $260,000

Chief Marketing Officers are one of the most important members of any corporate organization. This is because no matter how good a product may be; if it is not properly marketed then it is not likely to make a lot of sales.

Chief Marketing Officers head teams that device the methods via which products and services are marketed. They may also be involved in the production of the actual promotional content.

Remember that Ontario is a diversified economy; and that manufacturing plays a key role in the economy. This is why Chief Marketing Officers earn such a huge amount of money in Ontario; they are one of the key reasons why the companies are so profitable, and why the economy is so good.

 6. Chief Executive Officers

Average Salary: $260,000

Chief Executive Officers CEOs are key people in every corporate organization. They are in charge of running the companies, and so they take all the major decisions. Chief Executive Officers do not just take home big paychecks; they also take a huge responsibility. If the company is successful the praise usually goes to the CEO, and if a company fails the blame stops squarely at his door.

CEOs are like the face of the company; they stake their names and their reputation on the success of the organizations they run.

 7. Chief Financial Officers

Average Salary: $250,000

Chief Financial Officers are more than just accountants; in Ontario they are among the highest earners because there are many corporate organizations, all in need of financial management and direction. As members of the top hierarchy in any company they part of the decision making processes of the organizations and are therefore entitled to pay befitting of such people.

Chief Financial Officers work with the Chief Executive Officers; they are more or less concerned with the financial running of the companies they work with. They are there to ensure financial propriety, and that moneys are reported accurately as at when due. Chief Financial Officers also work with the board to plot the direction of the company so as to ensure that it remains sustainable, competitive, and profitable.

 8. Pilots

Average Salary: $178,000

Pilots are essential workers. They are some of the most valuable workers of any country or city, and Ontario is no different. Pilots help people, goods and services get around by air. Air travel is the quickest way of getting from point A to B. Being a pilot takes special training; it is something that takes years and that cannot be rushed. An untrained person getting into a cockpit is likely to end in disaster.

Pilots can specialize in different kinds of planes; commercial pilots usually fly big planes and work with large airlines. However, that does not make them the highest earning pilots. In Ontario there are charter services and even pilots contracted to private individuals to take multimillionaires and billionaires everywhere they want to go. These pilots can earn very good salaries for their work.

 9. Company Vice Presidents

Average Salary: $126,000

Company Vice Presidents have to earn big because they usually represent the interest of the owner, or some large investor in the company.

They will report to the board about how the company is moving forward, and help the company make important decisions. Their work is very similar to the Executives, except that they may not be the ones to take the big decisions that shape the company going forward.

 10. Data Scientists

Average Salary: $125,000

Data Scientists are very important people; they are able to analyze data in the shape of records and put them into actionable information that can be used to arrive at important decisions for the benefit of the company.

This data can be used to make necessary adjustments so that the company can remain profitable. The Data can be about product prices, demographics, are of concentration of sales, and so many other things. They can be collect from various sources, and then Data Scientists can put them together to create meaningful information.



The highest earning jobs in Ontario are very diverse. However, because there are a lot of corporate organizations in Ontario, corporate jobs make up a good number of the jobs whose data suggests that they are among the top earners. However, it must be stated that corporate jobs usually have checks and balances in place to prevent greedy people from raising their salaries too high, and thereby bankrupting the companies.

On the other hand, private practices such as lawyers, doctors, and dentists can have a virtually limitless earning potential based on the reputation they are able to attain. If a lawyer or a doctor becomes famous for his talent then he can charge ridiculously high fees and still be surrounded by clients.

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