How Much Is Driving School In Ontario? (2023)

One of the major causes of motor vehicle accidents is the result of not paying attention while driving. That’s why it’s necessary for young people who are looking forward to driving cars to learn from a licensed driving teacher who can put them through in having proper knowledge of driving and becoming accustomed to the wheel.

An approximation of the amount paid to take up a driving lesson from a certified driving school in Ontario is about $600. Let’s take a look at a case where a driving school offers two packages which cost $580 and $725 respectively. Although the two packages teach the drivers basic knowledge that is needed in driving, the disparity between the two packages is that the more costly one involves a G2 road test car rental.

It is also important to note that the matured drivers are not also left out from taking driving lessons, this can help them renew their memory and make their driving skills to be more effective. The function of a driving school is to hire the devices of a professional driver who goes way out to ensure you pass the road test. Signing up for a driving school gives you a proper background in driving and makes you become a cautious and responsible driver.

How Much Is Driving School In Ontario

There are some lessons on car driving that cannot be found in a textbook but they can only be offered by a professional driving instructor. These instructors help to give information on the hazards that come with driving, the solutions to them, and rules and regulations that must be adhered to while driving. These instructors have a knack for noticing your faults in driving and then giving you tips on how to improve on them.

Ambitious drivers tend to offer two full course programs that might include about 20 hours of training in the class and 10 hours of training in the car. Some instructors also make mini-courses available. An estimation of the price of driving schools in Ontario is about $600. For instance, a driving school can offer two packages which might cost $580 and $725 respectively. Although the two packages teach the drivers basic knowledge that is needed in driving, the disparity between the two packages is that the more costly one involves a G2 road test car rental.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Become A Driving Instructor In Ontario?

  • A diploma from high school or any other related document
  • A well-grounded driving license
  • A justifiable driving Instructor’s certification
  • Driving record void of any trouble
  • An innocent criminal record
  • Good communication skills
  • An active interest in-car driving and ability to forebear while teaching
  • A flexible working schedule that might involve working during weekends

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Driving School In Ontario?

The amount of time spent on learning how to drive is dependent on the individual. The training carried out in the classroom might take up to 4days or even 4months depending on the person.

As for the training with the car, the time frame is completely modifiable and it can be fully carried out for any period that’s comfortable for you. Despite all these, the driving lessons must be finalized within one year to acquire MTO certification.

How Much Does A Car Instructor Earn In Ontario?

According to a recent report, the average amount paid to drive instructors yearly is about $32,503 in Ontario, this means that an estimation of $15.63 is paid per hour, this is the same as $625 per week or $2,709 per month.

Even though some driving instructors collect a pay as high as $51,372 and some with a pay as low as $19,348, the range of most driving instructors in Ontario falls between $28,538 to $38,695 with highly paid instructors making $48,951 yearly.

The normal salary range for driving instructors differs greatly, which implies that there may be a lot of privileges for development and a fatter pay depending on the level of expertise, location, and the number of years spent in the work.

How To Become A Car Instructor In Ontario

Before you can acquire a car Instructor’s license in Ontario, you must sign up for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) course and finish it successfully. Such courses are usually the Highway traffic act, training on how to apply first aid, and many more. To be eligible to acquire a license, courses that take place in a classroom setting and courses that involve the use of car training must be completed successfully for 130 hours.

To apply for a car Instructor’s license, you must have a well-grounded driving experience of four years or more. Before signing up for the course, you must go to a Driver Examination Center near you and acquire a driving instructor kit conforming with all the stated prerequisites. Take note, only one year is given to finalize the MTO part after finalizing the course.

Is A Driving Class Worth It?

Even though the law has not made it mandatory for drivers to enroll in a driving school, it’s still better to get proper training from a licensed driving instructor. The G1 test is available for people from age sixteen to obtain a driver’s license; however, some driving schools allow you to start the training before the G1 test is done.

Despite all these, it pays to have the test done first so that the in-car teachings can be done.

It’s essential to take note that people who have undertaken a driving lesson are permitted to finish their G2 road test in about 8 months after the G1 test has been written, although people that didn’t go for a driving lesson will have to wait for 12 months before completing the G2 road test.


Duties Of A Car Driving Instructor

  • A car driving instructor helps to gather lessons that are suitable for the needs of the students.
  • Give information on the parts of a vehicle and their functions, and also on the rules and regulations that must be adhered to while driving.
  • Helps the student to learn how to drive a car.
  • Assisting students with developmental and moral strength while driving.
  • Making the students calm when in a very difficult situation while driving.
  • Taking records of the progress of the students
  • Making the students aware when they become eligible to take the driver’s test.

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