How Much Is Welfare In Ontario (2023)

Welfare is a form of social assistance and financial aid provided by the government in the province of Ontario to assist and support children, families, and the community as a whole. Such assistance includes basic needs, social services, and other needs. Welfare is one of the strong pillars of assistance in Ontario.

The amount of welfare in Ontario is $733 for a single person. This amount contains the basic needs and shelter. The amount of welfare depends on your circumstances and eligibility. Welfare also includes other benefits such as extra money for transportation and a larger amount for a person with family members.

Welfare in Ontario deals with providing resources and financial assistance such as money for shelter, food, cost of medication, and other health costs. Welfare is a social effort carried out to foster and promote the necessary material and physical needs of people. This assistance is mainly provided for eligible citizens.

In Ontario, welfare services refer to a variety of programs set by the government to assist people financially, to help individuals and groups that lack social and financial support. These welfare programs are specifically sourced and funded by the taxpayers to allow people to cope and overcome their stress and financial instability.

How much is welfare in Ontario?

The maximum amount of welfare in Ontario that covers a person’s basic needs and shelter is $733 monthly. In Ontario, a person could receive other benefits to ensure a smooth livelihood. Welfare in Ontario requires eligibility and if you are eligible in Ontario the amount you will get depends on your particular situation.

In Ontario, welfare works as a system by providing assistance to individuals and families through unemployment compensation, food,  and provisions, health care, housing, childcare aid, etc. These benefits are available to only eligible individuals and families. Eligibility is a major determinant surrounding a person’s welfare status in Ontario.

There are factors that determine the amount of welfare in Ontario such as disability, income levels, and family size. Furthermore, it depends on the requirements to qualify for the welfare services and also depends on the poverty levels and cost of living.

An individual that enjoys welfare services is provided with free goods and services therefore the government ensures that individuals, groups, or families seeking assistance must show that their income annually falls below the specified poverty level.

Steps to take to have access to welfare services in Ontario

These steps require your family member consent, your family identification, and tax documents such as tax returns, immigration papers, birth certificates, banking information, etc.

1. Obtain and fill out the application

Make use of the latest version of any web browser to obtain the application form online, then proceed by filling in your personal information and your family information such as full names, dates of birth, address, total monthly salary, housing costs, bank account information, email address, and other assets and expenses.

Also, to finish the 20-30 minutes application, you will need to tender your social insurance number (SIN) and important particulars from the Ontario health insurance plan. Complete and submit the application

2. Review of the submitted application

The application submitted will be reviewed by a caseworker from the local Ontario works office. The caseworker will call you within 1-4 business days of your application submission to fix an appointment with you. These business days don’t include holidays and weekends.

3. Meet with the Ontario works

After receiving an appointment, meet with the caseworker from Ontario works to sign and verify your appointment. The caseworker may request some specific information from you such as copies of documents or bills for verification included in your application.

Also, the caseworker will instruct you to sign your application package which includes a consent form to permit Ontario works to gain access to some information about you from other government organizations or groups. Such as the Ministry of transportation etc.

This information serves as a determinant to qualify you for the assistance. If you are not financially eligible, you have the chance to make a request within 30days to review your information again.

4. Approval and receive payment

After the verification and all the needed information are well received by the caseworker. You will be told to wait for 1-4 business days to know whether your application has been approved and the amount you may receive. After the approval, your local Ontario works office will contact and advise you on the actual time to expect your first payment.

5. Make a plan

The caseworker from your local Ontario works office will get back to you to schedule an appointment to create a plan for you to take part in employment activities, expect you have special circumstances that can hinder you from participating e.g disabilities, illness, caregiving duties.

Reasons for welfare package in Ontario

There are reasons for welfare in Ontario. The following points explicit the reasons:

1. Eradicate poverty

Poverty is one of the determinants of backwardness in a state or country. There is no state that will make progress if its citizens are wealth-less and are incapable to meet their necessities. Welfare helps to reduce poverty through the provision of food, clothing, and shelter.

Also, the reason welfare services in Ontario is to distribute free food to reduce hunger and decrease poverty

2. Job creation

This helps to create job opportunities for people in Ontario. Employment opportunities reduce insecurity and dangerous jobs in society. It, therefore, fosters peace and growth in the state. Welfare services provide jobs for capable to cater for themselves and their family

3. Provision of security

This is one of the reasons for welfare in Ontario. To provide security such as social security, economic security, and political security to people in the society. This strengthens and preserves the society against any form of insecurity and casualties. Also to establish equal rights among all citizens to avoid any form of discrimination.

Requirements for welfare in Ontario

  • You will need to be at least 16 years old
  • You will need to live in Ontario
  • You must be in a financial need and other basic needs
  • You must be willing to work except for any medical or specific reasons

Who is eligible to qualify for welfare in Ontario?

Anybody living in Ontario with the age of 18 or 16 above is eligible for welfare in Ontario and that person must be in need of financial and social support. Except if there are special circumstances like disabilities or illness.


How long can you enjoy welfare in Ontario?

Unmarried recipients and married couples without children would be deprived of benefits wholly for the residue of the 60 months period while recipients with children’s benefits would be decreased by $100-$200 per month.

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