Top 10 Most Affordable Cities In Ontario (2024)

There are several reasons people are interested in residing in Ontario, as it’s really a nice part of Canada, for different reasons. You can enjoy high-quality housing, excellent job opportunities, recreational activities, safe neighborhoods, and so on.

We can’t overemphasize its natural and cultural diversities, nice provincial parks, large forests, and nice people. However, while there are several cities anyone can settle for in Ontario, there are places that are more affordable than others.

Some of the most affordable cities in Ontario are Sudbury, Sarnia, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Rainy River, Deep River, Peterborough, Barrie, Kingston and London.

Top 10 Most Affordable Cities In Ontario

There are different reasons people would want to live in an affordable place. Many times, folks would want to live within their means, as they are aware of the extent of their income and resources.

These affordable cities are not mediocre places for mediocrity. In other words, these affordable cities have a lot to offer, even much more than some expensive cities.

1. Sudbury

When it comes to population, Greater Sudbury (simply referred to as Sudbury), is ahead of several other cities in Northern Ontario. This place isn’t just the most populated in the region, but it also excel at being a pretty affordable place. If you are particular about a a cheap place to move to around Ontario, Sudbury is one of the most affordable cities in Ontario.

The city has a vibrant workforce, some nine mines, and so on. Its reputation really exceeds Canada. It’s pretty affordable that you can get a 1-bedroom apartment for as low as $1,700, which is far lesser than what is available in several other cities around.

2. Sarnia

Sarnia is a beautiful city in Southwestern Ontario, and it is also reputable for being an affordable place in the region. This city offers more than affordability, since it’s also filled with several other pleasant things that should attract anyone, irrespective of where they are coming from the world.

You may always think Canada is nothing but a very expensive country, until you move to Sarnia. So, Sarnia is a cheap city in Ontario, filled with several parks as well as community garden. To have an idea of how affordable it is here, you won’t pass through a lot just to get a 1-bedroom apartment for around $1,500.

If you have a family, and you are being economical, you can settle for Sarnia. It is a nice place where your family can easily blend in and thrive.

3. Windsor

Windsor is one of the most famous cities you will see around, for its reputation transcends Canada. Located in the southwestern part of Ontario, this beautiful city is the Automobile Capital of Canada. Not only is it a very large and sophisticated city in Ontario, but it’s also an affordable one.

In fact, you shouldn’t struggle to rent a comfortable 2-bedroom apartment here for $1,022. You don’t have to live in an expensive city before enjoying quality of life. A place like Windsor will even guarantee you a better living than so many other places in Canada that are pretty expensive.

4. Thunder Bay

Yeah, you may start thinking about thunder and lightning and all of those things. But it’s not so, really. The city is only named like that via Lake Superior’s Thunder Bay (so there are even times it is referred to as Canadian Lakehead). However, the most important thing for us here is that Thunder Bay is one of the cheapest places you can live in Ontario. One of the proofs is that you won’t break the bank to settle housing here – anyone can get a comfortable 2-bedroom apartment with $1,500.

The amount of money you will spend monthly here is not up to half of the monthly expenses of some others in other expensive places in the country. At times, wisdom must be put into perspective when deciding and determining where to reside. If you are going to reside somewhere expensive, then it must be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you have your choice to make, you can move to places like Thunder Bay for its affordability and more.

5. Rainy River

Again, like Thunder Bay, Rainy River is not simply all about the rain and all, but it’s actually a beautiful town sitting in the northwestern part of Ontario. Although it shares borders with the United States of America too, it’s actually a very affordable place in Ontario, and you should love living here.

If you have a family, you can also move here too, as there are good schools around where you can enroll your kids for instance. Rainy River is not a bad place to live.

6. Deep River

Located somewhere around the Ottawa river, Deep river is a nice place you can comfortably live in, particularly if you like nature. The beautiful town offers beautiful scenery as well as superb boating on the broad river. What’s more important to us here however is the fact that Deep River is an affordable place to live in Ontario.

7. Peterborough

Here is another amazing city in Ontario that is also fondly referred to as The Electric City. Actually, one of the things that made the city a reputable one is that it happened to be the very first municipality in the whole of the country to use electric streetlights. Nevertheless, what’s more important to us here is that Peterborough is an affordable city, and is in fact one of the cheapest cities to live in Ontario.

8. Barrie

Barrie city will be found somewhere around the shores of Kempenfelt Bay. While this city is here because it is an affordable one, and one of the cheapest cities to live in Ontario, there is actually more to it.

Barrie truly has a whole lot to offer folks residing within the boundaries of its territories. Barrie is a place of the arts, where great attention is given to arts. This is where the you will find Kempenfest, and an art enthusiast should enjoy everything here.

9. Kingston

Located around Lake Ontario, Kingston doesn’t need too much introduction, particularly if you are familiar with the affairs of Canada. The city will always be relevant as far as the history of Canada is concerned, for being its very first capital city. It is no just a vital military base today, but also a cheap place to live. Kingston is one of the most affordable cities in Ontario.

Hence, if you are a family person interested in moving with your family members to an affordable place in a suitable area in Ontario, you can consider Kingston. The society is a vibrant one, and you should not have much issues blending into the life here.

10. London

The United Kingdom is not the only country with a London. Canada has its own London, which is located in Ontario. Well, not interested in comparing the UK London with this, as Canada’s London was being highlighted here because of its affordability.

It is a cheap place to live in, and is generally one of the most affordable cities in Ontario. The city is an important one in Canada, and you should enjoy living here, since it offers a whole lot to its residents. Despite its sophistication, you can get a 2-bedroom apartment for just $1,900.

It’s pretty okay if you don’t want to stay somewhere you will have to spend hugely each month, particularly if you don’t have adequate resources yet. Hence, you can look towards a place like London.



Indeed, there are several expensive places in Ontario quite alright. However, one can still experience affordable and quality life, since there are still affordable cities here. The most affordable cities in Ontario have been discussed above and they can help influence your decision as touching where to settle for.


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