100 List Of Small Business Grants In Ontario And How To Apply (2023)

Business grants are an amount of money granted to an individual, business, or corporation by the federal, state, county, or local governments, as well as private enterprises and corporations. Grants do not have to be repaid in any way it is unquestionably a financially appealing option for entrepreneurs and small or internet enterprises with little funds for start-up, growth, or expansion.

There are several small business grants in the province of Ontario which includes Mitacs Entrepreneur International, Spark Angel Network, Western University Western Accelerator e.t.c. Ontario small business grants generally offer between $10,000 to $250,000 as grants to small businesses. To apply for the grants, you must, operate an eligible business in Ontario, have had a 20% decline in revenue 6 months prior, and have a valid business description and name. It usually takes about 20 business days after applying to be considered.

List of 100 Small Business Grants in Ontario

The province of Ontario is a big supporter of small businesses and there are several private and government institutions that support small businesses in Ontario. These institutions give a range of $10,000 to $400,000 to small business owners depending on the type of business. If you are in the province of Ontario, here is a list of 100 small business grants institutions you can apply for to get grants.

  1. Canadian Heritage Business Innovation
  2. Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur
  3. Rise Asset Development Grants
  4. Mitacs Entrepreneur International
  5. Farm Credit Canada Young Farmers Starter Loan
  6. Angel Investors
  7. CanExport Program
  8. Ontario Job Grant
  9. Ontario Manufacturers and Exporters Technology Assessment Program
  10. Innovative Solutions Canada
  11. Industrial Research Assistance Program
  12. Next Generation Manufacturing Ontario
  13. The Canadian Emergency Response
  14. Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media Fund
  15. Strategic Innovation Fund
  16. Hiring Grants
  17. Accelerating Innovations into Care
  18. Ontario Small Business Financing Program
  19. Ontario Agricultural Partnership
  20. Canada Media Fund; Experimental Stream
  21. Ontario International Innovation Program
  22. Canexport
  23. Creative Export Canada
  24. Dairy Processing Investment Fund
  25. SD Tech Fund
  26. SME in Action Program
  27. Strategic Innovation Fund
  28. Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence
  29. Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative
  30. IDEABOOST Investment Programs
  31. Bank of Canada Start Up Financing
  32. Bank of Canada Indigenous Entrepreneur
  33. Bank of Canada Strategic Investment Programs
  34. Women Communitech Fierce Founders
  35. Newcomer Futurpreneur Canada
  36. Agriculture and Agri-food Ontario Agricultural Program
  37. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Ontario
  38. Brightspark Ventures
  39. TandemLaunch Startup Program
  40. Ryerson Digital Media Zone Accelerator Program
  41. York Entrepreneurship Development Institute
  42. University of Waterloo Velocity Fund Pitch Competition
  43. TELUS Pitch Live Summit
  44. SheEO women Ventures
  45. Round13 Capital
  46. Mantella Venture Partners
  47. Government of Ontario Summer Company
  48. Accelerator Centre Start Up Grants
  49. Government of Ontario Starter Company plus
  50. Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services Ontario Disability Support Program
  51. Wakenagun Community Futures Development Corporation Investment Fund
  52. Business in the Streets Grants
  53. Community Futures Ontario Access to Capital
  54. Metis Voyageur Development Fund Financing Solutions
  55. University of Toronto and Toronto Acceleration Innovation Partners Early-Stage Technology Program
  56. VERGE Capital Startup Fund
  57. Western University Western Accelerator
  58. MaRS Discovery District the Investment Accelerator Fund
  59. Angel Investors Ontario Venture Financing
  60. Golden Triangle Angel Network Investments
  61. Goodwill Industries Impact Grants
  62. Spark Angel Network
  63. Southwestern Ontario Angel Group Venture Financing
  64. Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund
  65. Small Business Innovation Research
  66. Small Business Technology Transfer Program
  67. State Trade Expansion Program
  68. Department of Education Grants
  69. National Institute of Standards and Technology Grants
  70. Environmental Protection Agency Grants
  71. Economic Development Administration
  72. Idea Café’s Small Business Grants
  73. Walmart Foundation Grants
  74. Open Meadows Foundation Grant Program
  75. First Nations Development Institute Grants
  76. USDA Rural Business Development Grants
  77. Minority Business Development Agency Centers
  78. FedEx Small Business Grant
  79. Fast Break for Small Business
  80. Patagonia Corporate Grants Program
  81. 500 Global Flagship Accelerator Program
  82. The Barstool Fund
  83. GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fund
  84. Nav’s Small Business Grant
  85. Amazon Black Business Accelerator
  86. Amber Grant Foundation
  87. Backing Historic Small Restaurants Grant
  88. Capital One Business Grant
  89. Fearless Strivers Grant
  90. Galaxy Grant
  91. Halstead Grant
  92. KKR Small Business Builders Grant
  93. Power Forward Small Business Grant
  94. SoGal Black Founder Startup Grant
  95. Yotpo Grow Brand Incubator Program
  96. National Association for the Self-Employed Growth Grants
  97. Merchant Maverick Opportunity Grant
  98. HireVets Medallion Program
  99. Comcast Rise Grants
  100. StartOut Scholarship Program.

How to Apply for Small Business Grants in Ontario

Most small businesses need to take grants to kickoff, and the application process has been made easy in Ontario, taking at least 20 days to get done. When you look at the benefits to come out of a successful application, you will agree that the wait time is not pretty long.

Applications for small businesses in Ontario can either be online or physically depending on the policy of the agency, although, online applications are common these days. However, here are the requirements to apply for small business grants in Ontario:

  • You must operate an eligible business in Ontario
  • You must have fewer than 99 employees
  • You must have experienced a revenue decline of 20% in the last 6 months
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or an immigrant
  • After a successful application, it will take at least 20 business days for your application to be considered.

Pros and cons of small business grants in Ontario

Small business grants have stringent requirements before being given the grants. Tech companies, women-owned businesses, businesses associated with environmental conservation, research innovation, and businesses with fewer than 25 employees always have advantages in getting grants. Here are some of the pros and cons of small business grants;


  • You don’t need to repay grants, which is always a relief for small businesses.
  • They are quite easy to apply for with information about applications easy to find.
  • They are community-oriented which means if you have businesses in particular communities, you can easily get grants


  • They can be time-consuming which means they require a lot of paperwork and application time
  • The purpose of the grant has to be thoroughly justified which means you will need to show in great detail how you intend to spend the grant.
  • The competition for getting grants can be tough as a lot of businesses are trying to get free money.
  • Small business grant eligibility requirements can be very strict which can be discouraging.


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