100 List Of Student Grants In Ontario And How To Apply (2023)

Going to college is expensive, more so in this post-covid era. The most recent hike in tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate students to 1.7%, and 1.5% respectively, may leave you wondering about ways to get funds for tuition. You may have considered getting a student loan as one way to finance your education, but this option can leave you with debt – a huge one, long after you have graduated.

The only debt-free way to get funding for your education in Ontario is to apply and qualify for a student grant or scholarship. You will need to apply online via the Ontario Student Assistance Programme (OSAP), which is the main source of financial aid for college education, or through physically printed application forms. If you submit a paper application, you must pay an application fee.

Getting a student grant is a surefire way of getting into, and graduating from your college of choice in Ontario, without the burden and emotional stress that comes with the repayment of student loans.

100 List Of Student Grants In Ontario And How To Apply

Grants, like most things, come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your academic grades, or physical abilities, you can apply for – and secure a grant without having the physical prowess of Usain Bolt, or the academic accomplishment of Albert Einstein. Both private and public institutions, and organizations, are willing to facilitate your education based on several qualifications, such as your religious, social, academic, and economic background.

To aid your search and research of student aid and funding, here are some grant and scholarship programmes and their fund allocation per student, that are available to you:

  1. Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation Scholarship ($2500)
  2. Food for Thought Scholarship ($1,000 for School and $1,000 for Groceries)
  3. Canada’s Luckiest Student ($50000)
  4. Unilever Voices for Change Scholarship($1,000)
  5. University of New Brunswick: Win 1st-Year Tuition ($8000)
  6. Student Life Network, Full Ride Student Grant ($35000)
  7. CIBC Stay Healthy Scholarship ($1000)
  8. CIBC Green Means Go Scholarship ($1000)
  9. CIBC “You’re on Mute” Scholarship ($1000)
  10. CIBC Fill In the Gaps Scholarship ($1000)
  11. CIBC State of the Arts Scholarship  ($1000)
  12. CIBC Game Plan Scholarship ($1000)
  13. CIBC News or Views Scholarship ($1000)
  14. CIBC Pay It Forward Scholarship ($1000)
  15. CIBC Vacay All Day Scholarship ($1000)
  16. CIBC #TBT Scholarship ($1000)
  17. Government of Ontario: Lincoln M. Alexander Student Award ($5000)
  18. Arctic Chiropractic Fairbanks: Got a Spine Scholarship ($499)
  19. Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program ($1500)
  20. BigSun Athletics Scholarship Programme ($500)
  21. Happy Guy Marketing: Muse Scholarship ($630)
  22. Indspire: Investments in the education of the Indigenous people Scholarship Programme
  23. IVYPANDA: Essay Writing Contest Scholarship ($1000)
  24. SGI CANADA Graduate Research Grant ($5000)
  25. SGI CANADA Actuarial Science Scholarship ($2000)
  26. SGI CANADA Risk Management and Insurance Scholarship ($3000)
  27. SGI CANADA Stan Hamilton Scholarship ($2500)
  28. SGI CANADA Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) Scholarships ($2500)
  29. SGI CANADA Anniversary Scholarship ($2500)
  30. Student Life Network 99 Scholarships: Money for your passions, not your grades ($1000)
  31. Lighthouse Labs Flex Scholarship ($3500)
  32. ACUFC: Bourses d’études postsecondaires en Français langue seconde ($3000 for students offering French as a second language)
  33. Max Scholarship Fund: Pearson-Khan Award for Women’s Empowerment ($3000)
  34. Peter Elzinga Family Foundation: Educational Scholarship ($2000)
  35. Crohn’s And Colitis Canada: IBD Scholarship ($5000)
  36. The Saint John’s Legacy Foundation Post Secondary Scholarship ($4500)
  37. Canada Post: Indigenous Student Awards ($2000)
  38. Workpuls’ Scholarship Program ($2500)
  39. Loyal True Blue and Orange Home Scholarship ($5000)
  40. The University of Alberta Undergraduate and Graduate Awards
  41. Brock University Goodman Scholarships ($8000)
  42. Brock University Niagara Principal’s Scholarship ($2500)
  43. Brock University: Brock Leaders Citizenship Award ($8000)
  44. Harbhajan Ranauta Legacy Foundation Scholarship ($1500)
  45. Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services: Don McBain Memorial Award ($5000)
  46. Louisbourg Investments Scholarship ($1500)
  47. Assumption Life Foundation Scholarships ($1500)
  48. Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation Scholarship ($2500)
  49. Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship ($500)
  50. The Lutz/Lutes Family Mountain Heritage Scholarship ($1000)
  51. Caravan of Talents Fund for Young Creatives ($1500)
  52. Love Caravan: Volunteer School Ambassador Scholarship ($500)
  53. Lineups.Com: Future of Sports Scholarship Programme ($1000)
  54. The Ayn Rand Institute: Atlas Shrugged Essay Scholarship ($10000)
  55. The Ayn Rand Institute: The Fountainhead Essay Scholarship ($5000)
  56. The Ayn Rand Institute: Anthem Essay Scholarship ($2000)
  57. BiOptimizers’ Scholarship ($1500)
  58. Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship ($1000)
  59. Food Allergy Canada: The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award ($1000)
  60. Janitorial Manager Annual Scholarship ($1000)
  61. Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship ($10000)
  62. CIBC: My Money My Future ($10000)
  63. CST Foundation Founders’ Awards ($10000)
  64. CST Foundation Bursaries ($6000)
  65. Perimeter Institute: Luke Santi Memorial Award ($1000)
  66. Lupus Canada Scholarship ($2000)
  67. James Lee Foundation Scholarship ($5000)
  68. Retail Education Scholarship Programme ($5000)
  69. Mcmaster University: Marjorie Anderson Financial Award for Indigenous Students ($80000)
  70. Pretty Lightroom Presets Annual Scholarship ($500)
  71. Pretty Photoshop Actions Annual Scholarship ($500)
  72. LA Tutors: Innovation in Education Scholarship ($500)
  73. Double A Solutions Annual Scholarship ($1000)
  74. Young Heroes Project Barron Prize ($10000)
  75. BeArt-Presets Academic Scholarship Programme ($2000)
  76. The Fred VanVleet Scholarship ($57800)
  77. Jelly Academy: Marketing Education Scholarship Fund ($2500)
  78. 2022 ERA Scholarship for $1 Million ($1000000)
  79. G3 Grow Beyond: Grow Beyond Scholarship ($4000)
  80. Programme for Continuing Education Grant ($3000)
  81. New Brunswick Bursary ($5000)
  82. University Of Ottawa: The Frans De Bruyn Travel Award Fund ($1000)
  83. Valour Canada:  History and Heritage Scholarship ($1500)
  84. Movavi Scholarship ($1000)
  85. Loans Canada Scholarship ($750)
  86. North American Van Lines: Logistics Scholarship Competition ($1000)
  87. SGI Corporate Scholarship ($2500)
  88. Government Of Ontario: David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility ($5000)
  89. Expressvpn: Future of Privacy Scholarship ($5000)
  90. DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities ($1000)
  91. 7shifts Hospitality Management Scholarship ($1000)
  92. 7shifts Culinary Scholarship ($1000)
  93. moneyGenius Scholarship Canada ($2000)
  94. Bursaries for Post-Secondary Studies in French as a Second Language Programme ($3000)
  95. McCall MacBain Scholarship ($10000)
  96. Lift Parts Express Scholarship ($500)
  97. Duck Brand: Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest ($10000)
  98. ServiceScape Scholarship ($1000)
  99. Jettly Scholarship ($1000)
  100. Annual Shim Law Scholarship ($1000)

How To Apply For A Student Grant In Ontario

The essential start to applying for a student grant in Ontario is to forward your requests to the organizing body when they become open for applications. Free grants such as the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) become available online every fall. Also, when you apply through the Ontario Student Assistance Program portal, OSAP lets you know the amount and type of aid you’ll get after your application has been reviewed based on your total family income and financial need. You should put in an application at least 10 weeks before the proposed study period starts.

Who is qualified for student grant in Ontario?

To be eligible for a student grant in Ontario, you must be a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident, or a Protected Person. Citizenship must be obtained prior to submitting the application.


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