How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance In Ontario? (2023)

As a vehicle owner, proper planning should be one thing we never miss out on, and in planning, we ensure to get the necessary things done to have a good auto experience, however, we might come to face issues never planned for, how do we go by fixing such challenges when they happen? Hence the need for insurance.

Motorcycle insurance costs in Ontario start at $100 per month, which is dependent on so many factors. Although, with a clean record, you could still pay $250 per month.

Insurance is a contract represented by a policy that allows an individual or entity to receive financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company. They are a hedge against the risk of financial losses, both big and small, that may result from damage to the insured property or liability for damage or injury caused to a third party.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Ontario?

Motorcycle insurance in Ontario is a type of insurance distinct from other forms of auto insurance which means your motorcycle cannot be added as a second vehicle to a car having an existing insurance policy. Insurance is mandatory for homeowners and they are a legal requirement in Ontario.

The cost of insurance for a motorcycle per month in Ontario is $100, and it is dependent on some factors such as:

Bike type

First, we consider the speed, some bikes were designed for speed and others for the cruise, however, if you must buy a bike you should know that insurance companies will charge you high if you buy fast ones, because the more the speed, the more the chances of injury and death. So to avoid this, just skip the speed.

Secondly, we will look at the make and the year, if certain bikes have a significantly increased rate of injury or fatality, most insurance companies may likely just offset the increased risk of a loss of increased premiums.

Furthermore, if you choose to upgrade your bike by changing some parts at any time, then by law you have to inform your insurance company, if not, they could deny claims when an accident happens because they were not collecting the right premium for the increased risk. These changes can spike up your motorcycle insurance rate in Ontario, so it is best to keep the bike in its stock configuration.

Clean record

Your driving record will have a significant impact on your motorcycle insurance in Ontario. At-fault claims and convictions on your record can affect because most insurance companies keep records of data as well as they research to show that drivers with bad records have the tendencies to repeat these mistakes and because motorbikes are already high risk, an insurance premium is however increased for a rider with a bad record.

Coverage type

There is a high possibility of bikes not being on the road, hence, your insurance company ought to be aware of this, the less you are on the road, the lower your chances of being in an accident situation. The yearly mileage should be kept below 3000 to get the lowest rate.

So consider cutting your liability limit or dropping collision coverage if you are looking for a last resort method to lower your premium. Although it is often not recommended as they are important in the event of a collision. So this only serves as a last resort if you have run out of options.

Driver’s training

Training can also make your insurance company see you as competent as it can also reduce your insurance rate and most importantly, provide you with potential life-saving advice about operating a motorcycle.

Taking passengers

Motorcycles are designed for just one person, and telling your insurance company you will never carry any passenger could lower your rate. If you were involved in an accident with a passenger and you already told your insurance company you will never have a passenger on, this could make such a company deny your claim and cancel your false misrepresentation. So never lie to your insurance company.

Necessary motorcycle insurance coverage in Ontario

To drive a motorcycle in Ontario, it is a legal requirement to have the following:

Third-party liability

This insurance helps you cover expenses when you are held liable for injuries to others and damages to their property. A minimum of $200,000 is required in case of murder but the insurers tend to provide at least $1000000 in standard policies now.

Accident benefits

Helps cover for personal injuries that are related to an accident even with a provincial health plan.

Uninsured motorist

This insurance covers when the other driver involved in an accident has no insurance. Damage coverage is now up to $25,000.

Direct compensation-property damage

This covers damage to your motorcycle when another is at fault.

Optional motorcycle insurance coverage in Ontario

In Ontario, there is some other optional motorcycle insurance coverage that a rider could have:

Collision insurance

Following an at-fault collision, this insurance helps cover the cost to repair your motorcycle.

Comprehensive insurance

This particular type of insurance covers your motorcycle when it’s parked from things like a tree falling on it or theft.

Specified perils

Allows protection against individually named risks like hurricanes or lightning strikes.

All perils

This insurance is the combination of comprehensive and collision with a few extra coverages to boot.

Road assistance

This insurance covers gas and battery jump when you’re stranded on empty and towing when your vehicle breaks down.

Trip interruption

This involves eligible expenses paid for following an accident on a road trip.

Personal effects coverage

Insures extras on your bikes like riding gear, saddlebags, and other accessories.

Do I need a motorcycle license to get insurance?

The truth is, you don’t need a motorcycle license to get insurance, however, most insurers will insist that you just attach your coverage to a policy of a valid license holder.

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Can I ride a motorcycle with a car license?

Passing your compulsory basic training can only make this a possibility. So yes, you can ride a motorcycle with a car license.

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