Top 10 Cheapest Place To Buy a Land In Ontario (2024)

Anyone with the right amount of money can buy land anywhere in Ontario, for any good reason also. You can consider getting a lovely land in any part of this region, and build your own dream house on it, hence becoming both a landowner and a homeowner here. You will be part of a sophisticated neighborhood with nice job opportunities and several other impressive stuff beneficial to its residents.

Some of the cheapest places to buy land in Ontario include: Sudbury, Sarnia, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Rainy River, Deep River, Peterborough, Barrie, Kingston, and London

Top 10 Cheapest Place To Buy a Land In Ontario

1. Greater Sudbury

If you are interested in buying a land in Ontario, you may want to consider Greater Sudbury first, due to good reasons. Depending on different factors, you can buy a land at Greater Sudbury from around $49,000 to $5,900,000

Greater Sudbury is actually a beautiful place to reside in Ontario, particularly if you are buying a land there for the purpose of living there permanently. First, it is a big city, and it is also affordable to live here.

Greater Sudbury is one of the largest cities, not just in Ontario, but in the whole of Canada. Hence, you have a big choice as touching what part of the city you should get your land. Of course, you should have it in mind that where you are buying your land in the city will determine how much you will get it eventually. However, there are already several land owners in this city.

2. Sarnia

You can get a land of any size in Sarnia also without having to break the bank. Sarnia is a lovely city in Ontario, and it’s a bubbling part of the region where you can buy your land from around $150,000 to $2,245,000

If you decide to buy a land in Sarnia and you decide to build a house on it so as to start living there, you should realize that you you will end up residing in one of the cheapest places in the province of Ontario. Indeed, this is an affordable but big city to reside in. You get to enjoy (and participate in) life in a developed society without having to break the bank to do so. There are already several things in Sarnia which would make you love this place (although there is no utopian society anywhere). However, there are many landowners here already, and you can always ask them what their experience has been since they moved here.

3. Windsor

You can get affordable land in Windsor too, although real estate here is much ahead than some other cities in Ontario. However, the city of Windsor stands out in the province for different reasons. It is not just a lovely city that is located in the southwestern part of the province, but it is also synonymous with automotive.

You can get a land in this large city from $99,900 to $2,200,000. Interestingly too, despite its reputation, Windsor is still regarded as of the most affordable cities one will see around this province.

4. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is also a nice city in Ontario, and you can also find affordable lands here. The city is filled with a whole lot of things, and you should get good land deals here from $40,000 to $279,900.

While Thunder Bay carried a scary name, it is actually a beautiful city, and there are already so many landowners here already. A lot of people didn’t just buy their home, but they took time to first buy their land before they proceed with building a house on the land (to their taste). You can of course, go this path too.

5. Rainy River

If you check around properly, you should find different affordable land for sale in Rainy River. Rainy River is another nice town in Ontario, and you can consider becoming both a land owner and a house owner here too. Rainy River is a comfortable town that is close to Minnesota (USA). You can buy land in Rainy River from $95,900 to $489,900

There are different things about Rainy River that has made this place one of the best places one can reside in Ontario. Of course, real estate here is one another level, but this town is still an affordable one to live in (when we consider what is available here with some other places around Ontario). Beyond the discourse of affordability, you can decide to buy a land somewhere in this town and sell it after sometime too.

6. Deep River

You can buy a land in Deep River with $449,900. Deep River is a very lovely town that is located somewhere in Renfrew County. It’s a place with many things that you should love if you decide to build a house here to become a resident. Of course, you can get a land at Deep River for different reasons. If you want to flip eventually, it is fine. If you want to build a house where you can move in, it is fine. If you want to be a big player in the real estate world while at Deep River, you can do so too.

7. Peterborough

Peterborough is a lovely city in Ontario. You can buy affordable land in different parts of Peterborough. The price of land in Peterborough is from $99,000 to $4,599,000.

There are several people living in Peterborough right now. Interestingly, you should find some people who simply bought their own land and built their own house on it, to suit them.

8. Barrie

Anyone can buy good land in Barrie for around $520,000 to $15,800,000. Barrie is a nice city in Ontario too, and it is an affordable place to an extent. If you want to buy land here to eventually flip, you can go ahead with that. If you want to buy a land in Barrie so you can build your own house on it, this is also a very good idea.

9. Kingston

This is a big and prominent part of Ontario, and it will be exciting to have a land here too. Kingston is an important city to Canada, and if you are interested in buying affordable land here, you can do so with around $149,900 to $9,800,000.

You can buy land in Kingston with the hope of reselling if you want. You can also join the number of folks who are all out to build their own house on their land. If you have the resources, you can decide on what you want to do.

10. London

London is an exotic city that is located in southwestern Ontario. It is a prominent and busy city, and it will be exciting to own a land there. With $50,000 – $82,800,000, you should buy a good one somewhere around.

London is a lovely city in Ontario that has a lot to offer its residents. Don’t forget that it is a highbrow area in the province.



These are some of the cheapest places to buy land in Ontario. Note that due to obvious reasons, land are cheaper in several other places than around here, as these are very developed cities.

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