Top 10 Cheapest Place To Buy a House In Ontario (2024)

There are different reasons you should consider buying a house in Ontario. It is pleasant living in a neighbourhood with nice job opportunities for residents, high-quality housing, superb universities, good security, as well as several other recreational activities. Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada prominent for certain things that have placed it ahead of other Canadian provinces.

When it comes to real estate, buying a house here may be much more expensive than what is available elsewhere. However, depending on factors like what city you are getting the house in, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a nice affordable house in Ontario.

Some of the cheapest places to buy a house in Ontario include Sudbury, Sarnia, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Rainy River, Deep River, Peterborough, Barrie, Kingston, and London

Top 10 Cheapest Place To Buy a House In Ontario

1. Sudbury

You can get an affordable house here in Greater Sudbury for around $209,000. This is still affordable when you consider certain other factors and things. For instance, Sudbury is a sophisticated city. It is one of the largest in the country and has a reputation for being the largest of its kind in Northern Ontario.

There are over 161,000 living in the city, just to give you a clue of its greatness in all of Ontario. The city has a strong economy, backed by strong structures like working mines (there are nine of such in Sudbury), productive mills as well as a nickel refinery. So, you won’t only enjoy a fairly reasonable house in Sudbury, but can easily integrate into the system and get productive stuff done. Sudbury is one of the cheapest places to buy a house in Ontario.

2. Sarnia

Another place in Ontario where you can easily get a fairly affordable house in Sarnia. The beautiful city sits in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Despite being a bubbling city in the region, you should be able to get a good house here for only around $300,000.

Incredibly, despite its features, this place is still regarded as one of the cheapest places in the province, which explains why you could see a beautiful house in such a place like this for such a price. Of course, in certain other parts of the world in the league of Sarnia, you can’t but purchase a home more than what is available here.

Real estate is more expensive in certain other places not as sophisticated as Sarnia. But one of the things we should emphasize is the immense benefits you could enjoy from having a house in a place like Sarnia. You won’t only enjoy the affordability of the city as one of its residents, but will also enjoy different other superb infrastructure.

3. Windsor

Real estate in Windsor may be slightly ahead of those cities up there, but this particular city is one of the best in the whole of Ontario. Indeed, Windsor is ahead of several other places in the province. It is a beautiful city located in southwestern Ontario, with a reputation that is beyond Ontario.

Windsor is an important city in Canada, as it is a major contributor to the country’s automotive industry. Windsor is one of the largest cities you will find around, and you can get a good house here for $322,000. Hence, we have to regard this city as one of the most affordable cities in Ontario to get a good house.

4. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is located around the famous Lake Superior in Ontario. It is another place around here with a lot of potentials and a lot to offer to its residents. You can become a house owner here in Thunder Bay with around $323,000.

The city is a beautiful one too, and you should have no issues blending into the system here. There are already several nice house owners in Thunder Bay, and you may just want to consider becoming one of them.

5. Rainy River

As far as Ontario is concerned, another amazing place you can get an affordable house is in Rainy River. It’s not just a beautiful town sitting in the northwestern part of Ontario, but it’s also a conducive one. One interesting thing to know about Rainy River is that it is close to Minnesota in the United States of America (they share borders).

Buying a house in Rainy River will cost an average of $359,000. Incredibly, despite that Rainy River is not as big as some of Ontario’s major cities, real estate value here is way ahead of others. But since this is Ontario, it is referred to as the cheapest around (since you have to pay much more to get a good house in some other parts of Ontario).

If you want to reside here, and you are wondering if you can simply rent a nice apartment rather than buy a house, you should realize that there are no apartments for rent in Rainy River. So, you either buy a house or just rent private cottages for a fixed time.

6. Deep River

Getting a nice house in Deep River will cost an average of $400,000. This beautiful town is in Renfrew County, and it offers several beautiful things to its residents.

Perhaps, before making a deal here for your house, you should ask certain house owners here what they have been enjoying and experiencing all along this while. Indeed, in this town, one can get some of the most affordable housing in Ontario.

7. Peterborough

Peterborough is another sophisticated city in Ontario, and it is famous too. One can buy a good house here with $400,000.

And if you are not sure if you will enjoy living in the city for a long time, then you can simply start by renting an apartment. If you intend to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Peterborough, you can get a good one for around $1,900.

8. Barrie

You can buy a lovely house in Barrie for around $450,000. It’s a lovely city to get affordable housing in Ontario. There are already several house owners here, and you may want to experience what it is like to own a house in Barrie and live in the city.

9. Kingston

Kingston used to be Canada’s capital, and hence, is still a significant place in the country. There are a lot of people living here currently, and you can buy a good house for around $450,000.

But if you are not too sure if you will love it here for a long time, you can start with renting an apartment, and you should get a 1-bedroom for around $1,600.

10. London

Finally, London, in southwestern Ontario, is one of the cheapest places to buy a house in Ontario. With $536,000, you should buy a good one somewhere around. It is necessary to say that this city is a highbrow area in Ontario, and it is one of the most significant places in the whole of Canada too.



These are some of the cheapest places to buy a house in Ontario despite the province’s expensive real estate. It is necessary to add that these places are very superb and pleasant to live in.


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