Costco Cell Phone Plans Ontario (2023)

One of the biggest retail chains in Canada, Costco offers discounted, high-quality products at affordable pricing. Due to its outstanding customer service, it is one of Canada’s most well-known retail establishments. On a variety of hygiene, lifestyle, and even food products, you may find the finest offers and discounts.

Costco’s cell phone plan in Ontario includes; virgin plus, fizz, bell, fido, and rogers. Due to its continuously changing inventory, Costco is known for carrying items for a while before discarding them or using them as seasonal items.

Over the years, Costco has gradually expanded the range of products and services it provides. It first preferred to only sell packaged goods that could be unwrapped and taken off a pallet. In addition to gas stations, pharmacies, hearing aid centers, eye, and sunglass stores, optometrist offices, photo laboratories, and tire shops, there are numerous warehouses.

In the province of Ontario, there are common cell phone plans used by its citizens which include virgin plus, fizz and bell, fido, and rogers which are offered by Costco at different rates. The Costco Ontario plans are of different costs and perks.

Costco Cell Phone Plan Ontario

1. Virgin Plus

The Costco virgin plus plan starts with the $55 monthly plan which offers unlimited nationwide calling, texting, and 8GB worth of data. The $60 monthly plan includes unlimited text, calls, and 10Gb worth of data. The most expensive virgin plus plan is the $65 monthly plan which includes nationwide calls, text, and 15GB worth of data.

2. Fido

Fido is also part of the cheaper plans offered by Costco in the province of Ontario. It starts with a monthly $55 plan which offers nationwide calling throughout Canada, unlimited texting, and 8GB of mobile data. There can be an upgrade to the $60 monthly plan which offers unlimited calls, and text but with 10GB worth of data. The $65 per month deal is the highest it offers in Ontario. It offers nationwide calls and texts also with 15Gb worth of data. It is important to note that all these deals are Bring your own device (BOYD) deals.

3. Bell

The Costco Bell offer in Ontario starts from $65 per month for unlimited calls throughout Canada and the United States of America, unlimited text, and 15GB worth of data. The next available plan is the $85 per month plan which offers Canada USA unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and 25GB worth of data. The next offer is the $95 per month deal which offers pretty much the same deals as the $85 deal but with an extra 25GB of data.

4. Rogers

Rogers Ontario plans start from $85 for unlimited calling, texting, and 25GB of data. And a $95 per month deal which offers nationwide calling and texting including 45GB worth of mobile data. The $105 per month plan offers nationwide calling throughout Canada and the USA, unlimited texting, and 50GB worth of data. The $175 per month offer includes unlimited USA and Canada, unlimited texting, and 100GB worth of data.

What Are Some of the Best Costco Cell Phone Deals in Ontario?

The Costco stores dispersed across the country have steadily become the most well-liked locations to purchase various types of branded cell phones. Additionally, the company is said to offer significant monthly savings at retailers on premium cellphones, including versions from Top Brands like Apple and Samsung. During sales, these reductions are commonly provided at the stores. These promotional hours are a regular occurrence at adjacent Costco Stores. Additionally, thanks to Costco’s cell phone bargains, customers can save hundreds of dollars on the most expensive and premium cell phones.

These stores also provide customers with comparable discounts on a variety of goods, including computers, tablets, and other items. Customers can also choose to trade in their handsets for more expensive premium cell phones with a selection of extra features. However, there is a chance that the greatest phones you want won’t be easily accessible during sale times. Contact the local store’s customer care division in advance or check online to see if the item is in stock.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Purchasing Your Cell Phone Contract at Costco?

Many Canadians prefer Costco to other companies because of the variety of incentives the Costco Company is known to offer for customers purchasing cell phones at these stores. In contrast to other shops where customers would have to wait a few weeks for their items to arrive, Costco’s physical stores and online shop make it simple for customers to find the most recent technology or cell phones. One of Costco’s best features is this. These mobile gadgets are made by numerous prominent companies, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus, and many others. You have the option of paying monthly or in one lump sum, depending on the price of the mobile phones you choose to buy. The current availability of mobile carrier plans from companies like T-Mobile, AT & T, Verizon, and others is another significant advantage or feature of buying cell phones at Costco Stores or online. Additionally, by purchasing plans from suppliers, customers can take advantage of deals and discounts to save money. If you intend to purchase an expensive smartphone, you should also be aware that many mobile service providers offer partnerships through which you can acquire free plans without paying any costs.

What do you need to get a phone plan in Ontario?

A new wireless activation requires the following details to be given:

  1. Legal title (full first name, middle initial, and last name)
  2. born on [date] (must be the age of majority)
  3. current address in Canada
  4. The valid phone number for contact
  5. Any of the following:
  • Canadian driving permit
  • Social Security number and a legitimate photo ID from the government
  • Major Canadian credit card and a legitimate photo ID from the government

What is the Best Coverage in Ontario?

Bell, Rogers, and Telus have nearly complete service in Southern Ontario. Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario, and the Golden Horseshoe region near Toronto and Hamilton are all included in this. In large cities, Freedom Mobile provides a high-speed LTE network, but not in rural or interstate locations. In the cities and villages of Northern Ontario, there is adequate service, however, Rogers, Bell, and Telus have created significant dead zones along several routes. The Bell and Telus high-speed LTE networks provide good service throughout northeastern Ontario and to the west of Thunder Bay, however between Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, only the Rogers Wireless 3G network is available.



Costco cell phone plans for Ontario residents are one of the best out there and the wide varieties make them appealing.

The outfit is truly is a one-stop shop for all of your household needs because you can find anything and everything there.

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